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Which Vanity Unit Is Best For My Bathroom?

In this guide we will take you through everything you need to know about vanity units. From style to accompanying basins, we will help you find the perfect vanity for your bathroom. 

What is a Vanity Unit?

A vanity unit is a piece of furniture which combines a bathroom basin and storage into one neat package. Vanity units are available in a range of different styles and sizes to fit into any bathroom from cloakrooms to large family bathrooms.

Vanity Unit Materials

Vanity units are constructed from different materials which will affect both the appearance and the price of the unit. Choosing the material your units is made from will largely depend on the look you want to go for and any budget limitations.


How To Choose a Vanity Unit

When deciding which vanity to install in your bathroom, you’ll need to take into account a number of factors.


Vanity units are available in a variety of different heights and widths. The dimensions you choose will depend on the size of your bathroom and how much you need to store but the average height of a vanity unit is around 650mm.


Our vanity units are available in an extensive selection of finishes and colours. From classic finishes like wood and white to more modern navy or even concrete, there will be something to suit whether you have a modern or traditional bathroom.

Types Of Vanity Unit

Floorstanding Or Wall Hung Vanity Units

Vanity units are available in both freestanding and wall hung varieties. Here we’ll take a look at the differences so you can decide which is best for you.

Floorstanding Vanity Units

Floorstanding units, as their names suggests, sit on the floor. This means they are very easy to install and there’s no need to worry about how strong your wall is for installation. These vanity units are available in hundreds of different styles and sizes, so you can be sure you’ll find one to suit your bathroom. 


Wall Hung Vanity Units

Wall hung vanity units are mounted on the wall, which leaves the floor below them empty. This can really help your bathroom appear larger and less cluttered, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms. The clear space underneath will also make cleaning your floor much easier. 

Although they look great, wall hung vanity units will often be trickier to install than a floorstanding unit. As they don’t extend all the way to the floor, you may also get less storage space than a floorstanding unit of the same width.


Vanity Units For Small Bathrooms

When your space is limited, having somewhere to store everything out of sight is essential if you want to avoid a cluttered, claustrophobic bathroom. That’s where these vanity units for small bathrooms come in.

Cloakroom Vanity Units

If you want to fit a vanity in a smaller bathroom, the cloakroom vanity unit is for you. These are designed to be compact but give you enough space to hold the essentials your cloakroom needs such as toilet roll and cleaning products. As we’ve previously mentioned, wall hung units can help your bathroom appear much larger so installing a wall hung cloakroom vanity is ideal for making spaces feel less cluttered.

Corner Vanity Units

In a cloakroom, it’s important to maximise every available space, which is where the corner vanity unit comes in. Designed to fit where two walls meet, these will slot into a space which would otherwise be underutilised and allow you to be a bit more creative when planning out your bathroom.

Combination Vanity Units

For people who like their furniture coordinated and sleek, a combination vanity unit is ideal. Combining a toilet, basin and storage into one compact vanity, they are perfect for smaller modern bathrooms or ensuites.

They can also be used to create space for a larger bath or shower. Combination vanity units are available with the toilet on either side, allowing you to choose one which matches your preferred location or current plumbing setup.

Double Basin Vanity Units

If you’re looking for the most luxurious and grand vanity you can find, look no further than the double basin vanity unit. These units include space for two basins, which makes them ideal for couples who want a separate sink or for families who just want some extra space.  

Double basin vanity units are available in a great range of styles and colours in both freestanding and wall hung varieties. Although they an be found in smaller sizes, they are generally suited to larger bathrooms.

Countertop Basin Vanity Units

With a countertop basin vanity unit, the basin will sit on top of the unit rather than being built in. The countertop style gives you a modern, minimalist look and many of these units give you the opportunity to choose your own basin. Countertop basins come in both floorstanding and wall mounted varieties and are also available with 2 basins.

Now you know everything you need to about vanity units, it's time to find the perfect one for your home. Take a look at our wide selection of vanity units and find the perfect tap to match.

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