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How To Fit A Shower Screen

Fitting a new shower screen is something many people will be wary of doing themselves. However, with the right tools & knowledge, installing your new shower or bath screen can be easy. In this guide we'll show you step by step how you can fit a new shower screen and completely transform the look of your bathroom.

Before You Start:

If you're not confident with DIY, it's a good idea to have someone help you when fitting your shower screen. It can be quite difficult to hold screens steady while ensuring they are level, so help is advisable. A shower screen can be installed in a couple of hours but the time it takes will largely depend on the type of screen you are trying to install and your DIY experience.

Which Type Of Screen Are You Installing?

The methods for installing shower screens are slightly different depending on the type. If you are installing a screen as part of a shower enclosure click here. If you are installing a screen for a bath, click here.

Different shower screens will often have different installation methods. This guide will outline the basic steps you need to install your new shower screen but we always recommend checking the manufacturers instructions first.

Removing Your Old Shower Screen

The method for removing your shower screen will vary depending on the type of screen you have. You will usually need to first remove the glass panel from the metal wall channel so you can then access the screws attaching the channel to the wall and remove these using a drill. Once these have been removed, it's as simple as removing the sealant and taking the channel off the wall.

Before fitting your new shower screen its a good idea to give the area where the channel once sat a clean.


How To Fit A Shower Screen

First, we will outline how you can install a shower screen as part of a shower enclosure.


1. Mark Up The Wall Channel

The wall channel is the piece which holds the shower screen in place on the wall. First, position your wall channel 10-15mm inside of the outside edge of the shower tray. Using a spirit level, make sure the channel is straight then mark on the wall the holes in the channel ready for drilling.

2. Drill The Holes

Before doing any drilling, it's important to check the location of any nearby pipes or electrical cables first. It's also important to use the correct drill bit for the material you are drilling into.

Drill into the wall where you previously marked the holes and place wall plugs into these holes.


3. Attach The Channel To The Wall

Using the fixings provided by your manufacturer and the holes you've just drilled, secure the wall channel to the wall.


4. Fit The Glass Panel

Now the wall channel is in place, use the instructions and fixings provided by your manufacturer to secure the glass panel into the wall channel. You may need some help with this step as shower glass can be heavy.

5. Fit The Bracing Bar

The bracing bar is a very important element of your shower enclosure as it will give it stability. First, attach the bar to your shower glass using the fixings provided and extend the bar across to the wall. With a spirit level, ensure the bar is level and then mark through the holes in the bar onto the wall so you know where to drill. Using the appropriate drill bit, drill where you marked the holes and attach the bracing bar to the wall.

6. Seal Around The Edges

Using sealant and a sealant gun, seal around the edges of the screen to create a watertight seal and prevent moisture escaping. You should leave the sealant to set for 24 hours before using the shower.

Now you've installed your shower screen, use the same steps above if you have any other screens to install as part of your enclosure. You may also need to use your manufacturers instructions to install any additional attachments, doors or handles.


How To Install A Bath Shower Screen

If you are installing a bath screen, the process is slightly different but it is still a job many people can tackle themselves.


1. Mark Up The Wall

Place the channel that came with your bath screen onto the wall, 40mm from the outside edge of the bathtub. Make sure the channel is straight using a spirit level then mark the holes in the channel on the wall with a pencil.


2. Drill The Holes

Using an appropriate drill bit for your wall type, drill into the wall where you marked the holes. Always remember to check the location of any pipes or electrical cables before drilling.


3. Screw The Channel Into The Wall

Using the fixings provided with your bath screen, fix the channel into the wall.


4. Fit The Glass Into The Channel

Lift the bath screen glass into the channel and adjust it until the seal correctly touches the bath, this will help ensure a water tight seal. Now you can fit your screen into the wall channel according to the manufacturers instructions.


5. Apply Sealant

Once you have fitted the screen, you can now apply sealant along the wall channel in order to create a water tight seal. You should allow the sealant to dry for 24 hours before using your shower.

Installing Different Types Of Bath Screen

These two guides give an overview of the basic installations of shower screens. Although there are many different types of shower screen, the large majority will follow this simple process.

Some shower screen types will have multiple panels with hinges. You'll need to refer to your manufacturers specific instructions to install these but we would recommend having a someone help you.

Now you know how easy it is to fit a shower screen, it's time to start looking for the perfect one for your bathroom. At Drench we have an extensive range of showers, shower enclosures and bath screens from a selection of top brands.

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