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Designing a Black Bathroom

Black bathrooms are one of the most popular UK bathroom designs; they’re dramatic, striking, modern and generally easy to style with other products. Here at Drench, we have a multitude of products to help you achieve a black bathroom look without blowing the budget.

Black Showers

Black Furniture

Black Taps

Why Choose a Matt Black Bathroom?

Black bathrooms are one of the most popular UK bathroom designs; they’re dramatic, striking, modern and generally easy to style with other products. Here at Drench, we have a multitude of products to help you achieve a black bathroom look without blowing the budget.

Black Furniture

These days, there’s plenty of black bathroom furniture options including vanity units, storage cupboards, WC units and cabinets. If you can, choose the same shade of black throughout your suite to create a streamlined effect. Here’s what you should look for:

Vanity Units

Matt black and grey vanity units work wonderfully when paired with white toilets + basins, exuding an effortlessly elegant and modern feel. Gone are the days of clunky white bathroom cabinets, now it’s all about dark, dramatic pieces that add depth and style to your bathroom. For a totally modern bathroom look, choose black wall-mounted vanity units to create more space, which is especially beneficial for small bathrooms.

Combination Basin + Toilet Units

Combination units are great practical furniture options for small and narrow bathrooms as they combine your vanity unit, basin and toilet all in one place. We have a range of black and grey units that won’t fail to add a striking focal point to your bathroom whilst concealing all the unsightly toilet plumbing. Choosing black handles and a matt black tap with your combination unit will create a beautifully streamlined black bathroom design.

Black Combination Unit


To add a modern touch to your bathroom, choose a matt black shower screen to add some stylish depth to your space. Here at Drench, we have a range of shower enclosures including walk in, bi-fold, corner and frameless enclosures - every bathroom is catered for! Matching a black enclosure with a matt black shower kit will look beautifully smart and simplified, creating an inviting shower space that you’ll be eager to use every day.

Black Shower Screen

Black Hardware

Incorporate black into your bathroom with matt black hardware such as taps, showers and accessories. To keep your assets in good condition, take a look at our guide for how to clean matt black.


If you’re in search of the best black bathroom ideas, how about sprucing it up with a black shower head or handset? A modern matt black shower kit will add depth to your bathroom design and offer a smart, cutting-edge aesthetic. Check out our range of black showers to achieve the look:


Black taps are what every modern bathroom design needs! Basin taps not only look elegant when paired with white countertop basins and neutral tiles, but also complement other black features and dark tiles too.  Black taps are not only versatile and bang on trend, they’re also affordable and one of the most popular finishes for bathroom taps across the UK. Our range of black taps include some from the  very best bathroom brands in an array of modern and traditional styles.

Matt Black Tap


Any black bathroom design requires the very best accessories. Updating your towel rings, robe hooks, toilet brush holders and soap dispensers will make for a modern, streamlined bathroom design. Matt black accessories are the key to completing any contemporary bathroom look and add the perfect finishing touch.

Black Bathroom Designs

Black goes with everything, however we don't recommend going for a completely black colour scheme. Here is some design inspiration for creating a beautiful black bathroom that hits all the latest design trends.

Monochrome Bathrooms

The key to creating a stylish monochrome bathroom is to balance black and white tones in the right way. Get the look by combining black furniture such as vanity units with white tiles, toilets and basins. This classic pairing will create a gorgeous colour-contrast and open up your black bathroom with bright white tones.  Monochrome designs work well for small bathrooms as white opens up the space whilst black adds character and depth.

Monochrome Bathroom

Art Deco Bathrooms

Art deco bathrooms are traditionally characterised by bold designs, dark, moody colours and geometric shapes. Dark furniture paired with brass accents creates a dreamy art deco inspired space and a dramatic feel that your guests will be envious of! Cloakrooms are a great place to experiment with bolder designs such as this, as they’re likely to be the least used rooms in the home, so can afford to be a little more striking and fun!

Dark Bathrooms

If you’re unsure whether to take the plunge and opt for a fully matt black bathroom, you can still achieve a dark bathroom by styling greys, dark blues and greens to create a dark bathroom. The key here is to ensure your bathroom doesn’t appear too shaded and flat, so make sure you adhere to appropriate techniques to add more light into your bathroom such as large mirrors, spotlights and glossy tiles.

Dark Bathroom

Black Feature Walls

The key to making black bathroom walls work is in using contrasting textures and clever use of lighting. High gloss black tiles reflect the light around the room, creating a luxe-look that wouldn't be out of place in a boutique hotel. If you do opt for black tiles in your bathroom, perhaps solely tile one feature wall, or tile halfway up the walls to open up the space and prevent your bathroom from feeling closed-in.

Black Tiles

Black Metallic Bathrooms

Black paired with metallic finishes such as copper creates the perfect industrial bathroom style. A black metallic bathroom oozes class and creates a warm bathroom aesthetic, especially when pairing black with gold or brushed brass hardware. To achieve a bang up-to-date look, opt for brushed stainless steel or brass taps paired with a black bath(link) for a beautifully contemporary feel.

To achieve the perfect black bathroom look, take a look at our black showers, black furniture, black taps and accessories. For more design inspiration and buying guides, head on over to our insightful blog where you’ll find a multitude of expert advice.

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