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Bathroom Storage Ideas

Finding a way to store everything in your bathroom can be tricky. Even with a large vanity unit and bathroom cabinet you can still struggle to keep everything tidy. That's why we've created this list of our top bathroom storage ideas. From clever little hacks to upcycling older products, you'll find everything you need to create a relaxing, clutter free bathroom space.

Shower Cubby Hole

Adding a cubby hole to your shower is an attractive, minimalist way to keep your shower tidy. Built into the wall, these cubby holes are perfect for storing all of your shower essentials without creating clutter. If you want to make your shower look ultra modern, add an LED light to the top.


Countertop Trays

Using trays on your bathroom countertops is a great way to keep those smaller products neat and organised. If you find you're always losing your ring or watch when you take it off for the shower, a small tray is the perfect place to store it and prevent it getting lost. This storage idea is an easy way to add your own personal touch to your bathroom. You'll find these storage trays are available in an extensive range of sizes and styles, so there will be something for all tastes.


Shelves In Unused Spaces

One of the best ways to maximise space in your bathroom is utilising any area which would otherwise go unused. In the majority of bathrooms the space above the toilet will usually be empty, so why not install some shelves? This space is ideal for holding items that you want to have close to hand, such as towels or toilet rolls. If you have particularly high ceilings, the unused space above your bathroom door is another place you could install a small shelf.


Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

If your bathroom is on the smaller side and space on the wall is minimal, why not opt for a bathroom mirror cabinet. This will allow you to maximise space as rather than having a separate mirror and storage cabinet, you can have both with one compact product. At Drench we have an extensive selection of bathroom mirror cabinets for you to choose from. Look out for useful features such as demister pads and shaver sockets.

Jars For Bathroom Essentials

One way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom is decanting your beauty products into jars. Rather than having the clutter of lots of different types of packaging, you can instead turn them into display pieces. Perfect for cotton buds, ear buds and bath salts, these will look great sitting on your bathroom shelf or vanity unit. If you want to add a unique touch, why not upcycle some vintage jars?  


Robe Hooks

The best bathroom storage ideas will make use of any space that is usually empty, which is why hooks on the back of your bathroom door are so useful. Whether it's to hang towels or your dressing gown, adding some hooks will keep everything tidy and free up space elsewhere.


Shower Basket

If you want to create a relaxing bathroom space, you want to avoid cluttering up your shower with multiple bottles and soaps. This is where shower baskets come in. These can be mounted on your shower wall to keep all your products neat and tidy

At Drench, our shower baskets are available in an wide range of styles and designs, so you can find the perfect one to complement your shower decor. 

Peg Board

If you want the ultimate in flexible bathroom storage, look no further than the peg board. Usually found in the kitchen or a garage, these can be used to add hooks and shelves which can easily be swapped around. If you need more shelf space, hook on another. If you want to add an extra peg for a hand towel, simply slot it into place. You'll find that many peg boards look like they belong in the tool shed but with a little searching around or painting, you can find one that will look stunning in your bathroom.


Storage Baskets

One of the cheapest ideas on this list, baskets are an easy way to keep everything neat and tidy. Rather than having products simply sat on your shelves, baskets will allow you to separate them by type. This helps to keep your bathroom clutter free and makes it easier to find products when you need them. Wicker baskets are a popular choice and will give your bathroom a traditional, rustic feel. However, this is another area where you can be creative. If you want a modern look, try wire metal crates or take an old wooden box and give it a lick of paint.


Corner Bathroom Storage

When space is at a premium or you have an irregular shaped room, you need to fit storage items wherever you can. That’s where corner storage products come in. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and will help you to utilise awkward or unused spaces, freeing up the rest of your bathroom.

Ladder Storage

Another popular way to add extra storage space to your bathroom is the storage ladder. These are a beautifully traditional way to store towels, plants and other small bathroom items. If you really want to make your bathroom stand out, upcycle an old wooden ladder. With a little bit of TLC you can create a stunning centrepeice for your bathroom. 

ladder storage

Wine Rack Towel Holder

This idea is an attractive and cost effective way to keep your clean towels organised. A standard wall mounted wine rack is the perfect size and shape for rolled up towels. Simply mount it on the wall and you’ve got a stylish towel storage system (and a place to store wine for that glass in the bath).


Bar Stool

One type of upcycling we love is using old stools for bathroom storage. Whether this is a place to hold your towels or keep beauty products close to hand, they can bring a touch of traditional charm to your bathroom. Bar stools will be relatively simple to paint so finishing one in a colour to suit your bathroom, like the image below, is easy!


Stud Wall Storage

Fitting a back to wall toilet will involve installing a concealed cistern either in a piece of furniture or within the wall. If you're going into the wall to install your toilet, why not add some stud wall storage too? This storage solution has the minimalist 'built-in' feel and utilises a space which would otherwise be unused.


Wall Hung Furniture

If you want your bathroom to feel more spacious, wall hung furniture is ideal. Raising furniture leaves more floor exposed, which increases the feeling of space. Wall mounted vanity units are available in a great range of styles and sizes to suit anything from small cloakrooms right up to large family bathrooms. 

That concludes our list of bathroom storage ideas. Whether you're into upcycling or want to add some new furniture, there's no limit to the combinations of bathroom storage you can install in your bathroom. To get started take a look at our great range of bathroom furniture, mirror cabinets and wall hung toilets.

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