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Bathroom Vanity Units

A vanity unit combines both a basin and storage, giving you a stylish and convenient space to store all your bathroom essentials.

As bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so do our bathroom vanity units. At Drench, we have a collection of small units perfectly suited to smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms starting at 400mm wide. Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a vanity unit to a large family bathroom, we also stock units up to 1200mm wide.

When you shop at Drench, you have a huge range of vanity unit styles to choose from. If you want to create a clean, minimalist look in your bathroom, take a look at our wall hung vanity collection. These units are raised off the floor, leaving the space underneath free to help your bathroom appear larger.

For an easy to install, classic design, we also have a comprehensive range of freestanding units. If you want extra space for your larger family bathroom, our double vanity units are ideal - also known as ‘his and hers’ sinks.

If you’re looking to fit a vanity unit in your downstairs toilet, we have a fantastic range of compact cloakroom vanity units and corner units.

If space in your main bathroom is in short supply, combination vanity units may be the perfect choice for you! These feature both a back to wall toilet unit and a vanity unit in one neat, compact package.

Our bathroom vanity units are available in a huge range of finishes including both modern and traditional styles. White vanity units will look great in almost any bathroom, no matter what the floor or tile colours are. If you want to add a more natural look, dark and light wood vanity units will complement whatever bathroom aesthetic you have with ease.

For those looking for something more striking, black vanity units are an increasingly popular choice and can act as a great contrast to white sanitaryware. Grey vanity units are perfect for those looking to add a subtle touch of colour to their furniture and rarely go out of style. If you’re looking to create a bathroom that stands out from the crowd, we also stock a collection of blue, green and pink bathroom vanity units.

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