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6 Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious

Welcome back to the Drench blog, where this week we’re revealing 5 powerful areas for making your bathroom décor more luxurious and providing the best possible experience for family and friends.

And the best thing? While there are a lot of expensive bathroom decorating ideas, there’s also a host of ways to spice things up without blowing the bathroom budget.

That’s why, before we dip into some of the fantastic units across the Drench online store, we’re going to kick things off with a collection of ways you can up the luxury for less.


Tip 1 - Luxury for Less

“How do I make my bathroom look better for less?” is one of the questions that we hear the most.

And it’s a great question to ask, because bathroom decorating ideas needn’t cost the earth.

Here’s some of the cost-effective ways we’ve encountered in our decades spent in the industry, so you can totally revamp your bathroom décor without breaking the bank. They require a little creativity and thinking outside of the box so tread carefully - they can be very addictive!


Stylish Seating

Less bathrooms than you think feature specialised seating but it’s incredibly useful with bigger families. Imagine – no more perching on the side of the bath and those awkward sibling dances around the sink when it comes to toothbrush time.

Whether it’s a classy stool that you and your partner can use to perch upon, up-cycled kitchen stools or garden chairs, get innovative with your bathroom seating.


Funky Jars

Add some stylish glass jars to your bathroom to provide cheap and easy extra storage.

These can also be filled with Potpourri or some other pleasant smelling stuff to effortlessly create an air of rustic luxury.


What Really Mat-ters

Replace your old and boring bathmats with some Persian rugs, custom linoleum patchwork mats or other inventive carpeting.

It saves the need to replace your flooring by spicing up your old tiles with dashes of colour and character, as well as stops the floor getting dangerously slippery when everyone’s jumping in and out of the shower.


Tip 2 - Even More Custom Touches

There really is no limit to how specific you can get when creating bathroom luxury for less, and even the smallest personal touch can usher heaps of fresh character into your bathroom.

Try bordering your mirror with some rope to help achieve the sought-after nautical bathroom décor or enlist the kids to create a colourful tile border.

Another great idea is custom hooks that can be brought across from any room in the house, and why not try a vintage coat stand for a funky way to hang your towels?

If you’re still not hooked, try some cheap stencils to add colour and character to the walls without shelling out on repainting, as well as classic wallpapers. Either approach will add to the usual white, grey or monochrome schemes with bold colour palettes for a vivid and luxurious change.

And what better way to admire your new work than with some innovative upcycled lighting, whether it be with a sweet old wooden lamp or bulbs across a metal frame for a retro Hollywood dressing room feel?

We hope these ideas provide a starting point from which to launch your budget-conscious bathroom decorating mission – they certainly have helped along our own projects! Though if you require some bathroom luxury tips that are a little more substantial, read on…

“How else can I make my bathroom look more luxurious?”

If you’re looking to really pimp up your bathroom, Drench are delighted to bring to you the very best in decorating ideas from our vast online store.

Here you’ll find everything you need to sharpen your bathroom décor, from top-performance budget options to offerings from the most expensive bathroom brands..


Tip 3 - Luxury Lighting


You can’t conduct your bathroom routine if you can’t see, so lighting is key.

Whether your current lighting is getting dingy and you wish to inject some clarity, or you suffer from overly strong lighting and would like a more seductive air, redoing your lighting is a swift way to totally change your bathroom’s aura.


Tip 4 - Ornate Mirrors

Once you’ve got the right light, the right mirror is more important than ever. If you don’t want to create your own radical up-cycled mirrors, consider these favourites from the Drench warehouse.

If it’s a statement mirror you require to up your luxury factor, the Hampton LED Illuminated Mirror from Roper Rhodes is a wonderful choice for those looking for the best of both modern and traditional worlds. Featuring a classic design in an alluring array of traditional finishes, this mirror uses LED illumination within the wooden frame to provide a soft, comforting glow over your basin or vanity.

Tip 5 - Luxury Shower Heads

When it comes to shower heads, you may not think there’s much choice. If it stays at the correct angle and the pressure is good then that’s all there is, right?

Tip 6 - Colours and Styles

Just as interior decorators and stylists provide clients with look-books and style guides, we put a lot of time into organising the thousands of items available on Drench for your convenience.


Black and White Hype

Sonia’s range of classy black soap dishes, tumblers and holders and dispensers are a great cost-effective way to accent your décor.

Then you have remarkable centrepieces like this Charlotte Edwards Mayfair Black Freestanding Bath with its contemporary curvature, enhanced heat retention, integrated slotted waste and 20 year manufacturer guarantee.

Marble Marvels

Next up, we present Marble.

Marble is synonymous with bathroom luxury – from tiles to worktops and everything between, this mesmerising material is one sure-fire way to amp up your bathroom décor.

Pick the Arcade 900mm Basin with Overflow and Ceramic Console Legs for a fantastic traditional basin constructed of ceramic marble with a choice between 1, 2 or 3 pre-drilled tap holes and a ridiculous quarter-century manufacturer guarantee.

A silky smooth Burlington Minerva Worktop in Carrara White will top your units with some seriously smooth, stain-resistant marble and once you’ve selected your new worktop, why not pick up a Burlington Minerva Joint Kit in Carrara White to join your components in the most luxurious possible manner?

The Life of Luxury

As we’ve shown you there are many ways to boost your bathroom’s luxury factor.

Whether you take the frugal approach and channel luxury for less or kit out your bathroom décor with the most stunning units this earth has seen, stick with Drench and make your luxury bathroom statement the right way!

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