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What is a Rimless Toilet? Here's the lowdown on this type of toilet

If a bathroom is a palace, the toilet is the throne. Toilets are a necessity in every sense of the word so it's only right we have the best. Here's everything you need to know about rimless toilets - one of the biggest advances in toilet design.

If you’re anything like us then you probably like to spend every waking minute eyeing up the newest and most exciting bathroom trends. But if you don't then you can be forgiven for missing the memo on rimless toilets, one of the most popular bathroom trends to emerge in the last ten years. So, what is a rimless toilet and how do they work? 

How Do Rimless Toilets Work?

It’s actually quite difficult to imagine, upon first hearing the term, what a rimless toilet might look like - and, in fact, why this has so may benefits over traditional close coupled pans and cisterns. 

That’s because to really uncover the difference of a rimless toilet you must open the toilet lid and peer inside to the rimless toilet bowl. Although the rimless version looks rather the same on the outside to most modern toilets, it's when you look deeper inside that you can see and discover what all the fuss is about. 

And this is? I hear you ask. This is the fact that here is no rim around the inside of the toilet bowl. What do we mean? The deep ridge that we're so used to seeing the water rush from when we flush is not there.  

It doesn’t sound like much but let’s get into the details and we’re sure you’ll be just as “bowled” over as we are...

rimless toilets
The rimless pan has become somewhat of a celebrity in the world of toilets

What Are the Advantages of Rimless Toilets?

Though it may not look like much, the removal of the rim makes a big difference. A rimless toilet makes for significantly easier cleaning meaning they are much more hygienic - and that's just for starters.  

There is no build-up of evil bacteria and nowhere for limescale to lurk underneath that open rim we're all so used to. There is nothing except a smooth bowl that sparkles after every flush.

Most rimless toilets use a direct flush technique that shoots water around the basin of the toilet rather than having the water be redistributed in the manner of a traditional rimmed toilet. This direct flush washes the entire rimless toilet pan more efficiently and actually looks really cool when it does so.

And though the provided flush is far more powerful, the action itself is much more economical than traditional rimmed toilets to help you save on those pounds and reduce water usage. 

So, a pathway to more modern design – tick. Saving on water bills – tick. Keeping your children safe and your home cleaner – tick. Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

What’s Wrong With Rimless Toilets?

Our experts have spent hours researching the ins and outs of rimless toilet design and checking out the potential risks. 

And we're pleased to say that there is no real drawback to rimless toilets. They are simply a fantastic and innovative product that's advancing toilet design and creating a new industry standard in the process. 

Rimless toilets meet the ever-growing modern consumer demand for upmost cleanliness and it's fair to say our customers absolutely love them.

The only issue - and it's really a small and uncommon issue - is that of an overly full cistern resulting in the direct flush to act a little too energetically. This may result in water escaping from the bowl.

Kings of Rimless

With the long-lasting nature of toilets, rimless versions are slowly finding their way into the homes of Brits. And when it comes the time to change your toilet at home, we're pretty sure you'll be looking at these elegant and modern designs first.

More and more brands in the bathroom industry are embracing this trend and releasing their version of the design. 

In fact, we’ve been sold on the rimless toilet ever since we received our first RAK rimless toilet - and so have our customers.

Since then, the likes of Saneux, Crosswater and Ideal Standard have all got versions of the rimless toilet, too. 

What’s All the Flush About?

So there we have it – a clear evolution in toilet design, which admittedly is not always the most exciting field of design.

For those who have to clean the toilet, it is sure to be a much appreciated development. And for those who are still at the age where fingers are the best way to learn one’s surroundings, it is definitely a prevention against illness for which parents will be grateful. And for its reduction of water waste, our planet nods its head.

With more and more new companies piling daily into the rimless toilet UK scene, we are sure to see this sector explode over the coming years. We will of course be bringing you more rimless toilet reviews as they come in, and in the meantime are available any time to provide you with expert advice on incorporating a rimless toilet into your home bathroom setup.

Have a look at our complete collection of rimless toilets. But, if you're not convinced this one's for you, we have a really helpful guide on toilet types that will help you choose your match!

As always, make sure you regularly check up on the Drench blog to stay up to date on the latest home bathroom news and developments, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive offers, competitions, design ideas and much more.

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