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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

It can be difficult to find storage solutions for small bathrooms, but with the right furniture and accessories, you can easily make room for bathroom essentials without cluttering up your space.

Space-Saving Vanity Units

The best way to organise your bathroom is by investing in a slimline vanity unit. Wall-mounted cloakroom vanity units are a great way to provide storage for small bathrooms as they don’t protrude too far from the wall and contain enough space to keep your bathroom products tucked away.

Drawer dividers are also a game-changer when it comes to organising your bathroom. Baskets and containers work well when placed inside vanity units, and allow you to store smaller items, such as tweezers and nail clippers, separately from bigger items like toothpaste, toilet roll and hairbrushes to ensure that the small items don’t get lost.

Shower caddies

Bath racks and shower caddies are essential features for any modern bathroom design. Caddies are a great way of storing shower products to keep them free from cluttering up your shower tray or sides of the bath. This will transform your shower space and reduce the amount of ring staining that’s left from the bottoms of bottles on surfaces.

Alcove Shelves

If you’re looking to modernise your bathroom whilst providing ample storage space, alcove shower shelving might be the perfect solution. More and more people are installing these cubby holes within the shower walls to store shampoo bottles & accessories and we predict this will become more common in bathroom design over the next few years.

This type of shelving is not only perfect for storage, but it can also become a beautiful feature in your bathroom, giving a three-dimensional appearance and a streamlined, efficient look. Alcove shelving is ideal for busy, family bathrooms as these spaces are more likely to become cluttered and disorganised.

Alcove Shelf

Wicker Baskets

There’s an abundance of products that get left around the bathroom, so it’s important that each item has its place. Wicker and belly baskets are great storage solutions for small bathrooms as they’re not only practical, but beautifully stylish. Keeping towels, toilet rolls or flannels in wicker baskets provides a modern alternative to other containers and these are also a game changer for rental bathrooms if you’re unable to install any permanent features such as shelves.

Wicker Baskets

Wall-Mounted Shelving + Accessories

One of the best ways to maximise space in your bathroom is by utilising an area that would otherwise go untouched. Installing floating shelves in the spaces above your toilet or vanity unit is a great way to store items such as toilet rolls, plants or candles. Fully making use of your wall space will ensure that your floor space isn’t cluttered with bathroom items.

Wall-mounted accessories such as tumblers and soap dispensers are also a good option for small bathrooms. These features will ensure that the area around your sink is clean and clutter-free, and they will provide a clean and inviting effect to any bathroom design.

Wall Mounted Shelf

With these handy storage tricks, you should be able to save space in your small bathroom to make it more streamlined and less cluttered. For more design inspiration for small spaces, take a look at our blog exploring the best small bathroom tile ideas.

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