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10 of the Best Rimless Toilets

Are you wondering which rimless toilet you should buy for your home? Our experts have chosen 10 of the best to make the choice as easy as possible!

Interest in the rimless toilet has grown significantly over the last five years and now more top bathroom brands are releasing versions of this type of toilet. 

But, what makes this toilet better than the rest? 

In this blog, we’ll explain what and why a rimless toilet is the pan of choice these days. Plus, our experts have 10 of the best rimless toilets to help you choose your favourite.

First things first, what is a rimless toilet and how is it benefiting you?

A rimless toilet has a smoother pan design inside the bowl with no ridges or ‘rims’ in sight. The main benefit of this is that it makes cleaning your toilet a cinch resulting in a much more hygienic area overall. 

The reason for this is that there’s not many places where bacteria can build up in a rimless toilet, so you can expect more of that sparkle and shine for longer. 

Rimless toilet designs also use a direct flush that’s powerful enough to wash around the entire bowl making it a cleaner flush and more economical with water.

Need more information on this? Get the full lowdown in our guide: What is a rimless toilet?

10 of the best rimless toilets

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite rimless toilets.

1. RAK Resort Mini Close Coupled Rimless Toilet & Soft Close Seat

First up we have this ultra stylish close-coupled rimless toilet by RAK, who are one of the pioneers of the original rimless toilet - and this Resort design has the full Drench seal of approval.

Powered by a remarkable Geberit internal dual flush cistern, the Resort comes with a substantial 25 year manufacturer guarantee that displays the confidence RAK holds in the product.

Displaying assertive contemporary design and stunning vitreous china construction, this top-fixing, quick release, soft close seat unit with a 600mm projection is a revelation at the forefront of the rimless toilet movement.

2. Saneux I-Line Short Projection Rimless Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close Seat

Next is this short projection back to wall number by Saneux, which offers a lifetime guarantee. Saneux has a lot of faith in its I-Line and it’s easy to see why.

As the name suggests, this unit is a powerful aesthetic display by Saneux with its soft lines that many more expensive toilets cannot match. The I-Line’s mere 480mm projection makes it a perfect unit for smaller cloakroom bathrooms, though it can of course be used in any size bathroom you like.

Paired with a quick release seat for easy cleaning, the Saneux I-Line is a rather fantastic toilet that seems a luxurious option yet is phenomenally priced to suit all budgets.

3. Harbour Acclaim Rimless Close Coupled Toilet & Soft Close Wafer Seat

Third on our list is one of our best selling rimless toilets - the Harbour Acclaim from Drench. It’s a wonderful space-saving option with dimensions of 61cm front to back. 

It features a stylish slimline seat with soft-close hinges and a water efficient dual flush cistern. The seat also lifts completely off for even more cleaning ease.

This is a perfect option for small spaces like an en suite or cloakroom or for fitting into a neat space in a bigger bathroom. 

4. Lorraine Rimless Close Coupled Toilet & Soft Close Seat

Next up, this stunning close coupled toilet - the Drench Lorraine. Looking wonderful in any size space, there is a choice of a wrap over or slimline toilet seat to suit your own preference. 

The hard wearing ceramic construction makes for a robust toilet, plus the scratch-resistant seat adds to its durability. Quick release seat hinges allow you to take the seat off to clean and it’s also soft closing so you don’t need to worry about loud bangs in the night. 

Finally, there’s a 5 year guarantee on the toilet and a 1-year guarantee on the toilet seat. We’re in love. 

5. Emily Rimless Modern Toilet & Slim Soft Close Seat

This modern close coupled toilet not only has the hygienic rimless toilet design, it also has a soft close seat and 5 year manufacturer guarantee. 

A beautiful curved base with a stylish square seat and cistern adds to the overall look in your bathroom.  The Emily has a push button dual flush mechanism, soft close seat and is finished in a gloss white coat for extra sparkle.

This is a great all-rounder toilet from our own Drench range looking fabulous in larger spaces but still at a depth of just 612mm meaning it’s suitable for small spaces too. 

6. Ideal Standard A Wall Hung Rimless Toilet with Soft Close Seat

Wall Hung toilets look super stylish in your bathroom and provide the perfect solution to those who love a minimalist aesthetic. 

Ideal Standard has this wall hung version featuring an elegant and timeless white finish and its RimLS+ technology for exceptional hygiene performance. 

The wall hung design maximises floor space in your bathroom and makes cleaning a breeze, while the pan is crafted from a durable vitreous china making it able to withstand daily use. 

7. Harbour Alchemy Modern Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

Next up is this gorgeous back to wall rimless toilet from Harbour with a stunning cubic design and square seat creating a visual masterpiece in any bathroom. 

The Alchemy features a soft close seat for quiet visits in the night and you can choose this in either a slimline or wrap over design to match your own style. 

The pan attached to the wall gives your space a sleek and sophisticated edge and it looks fabulous teamed with a brushed brass flush plate and toilet roll holder

8. Crosswater Glide II Rimless Wall Hung Short Projection Gloss White Toilet & Soft Close Seat

Crosswater has this stunning short projection, wall hung toilet which has elegance in abundance and a whopping 15 year guarantee. A neat and tidy option that shows us all what modern toilets look like - say no more to the clumpy white contraptions of old!  

There is a quick release, soft close seat and a curved bowl that is a stylish addition to any bathroom. Sitting at any height that you require, it’s an option for all and gives off an illusion of space, while offering easy access to clean under and inside the pan. 

Don’t forget with all wall hung and back to wall options, you’ll need to check if the cistern and flush plates are sold separately - which they are with this model. 

9. Harbour Identity Comfort Height Rimless Back to Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

Another beauty from Harbour is this Identity back to wall toilet which has a comfort height feature adding an extra 6cm for those that need it. There is also standard size in this design too if you love the look.

We love the rounded features making it an ultra modern and practical toilet with the added rimless design and soft close slimline seat making it the perfect addition to your bathroom.  

Talking of the which, the seat that comes with this pan is actually pretty neat with a scratch-resistant coating that provides a shiny and robust ceramic-like surface. Plus, the quick-release seat hinges lift off to make cleaning it a whizz!

10. Lorraine Rimless Back To Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

One of our absolute favourites from our own Drench ranges has to be this gorgeous and unique Lorraine design.

The back to wall structure is sleek and minimalist while the curved bowl adds depth and dimension to your bathroom giving that little bit more personality and edge. 

You have the option of a wrap over or slimline toilet seat that is a heavy-duty thermoset seat with a scratch resistant ceramic-like finish. It’s a keeper! 

That's it for our roundup of 10 of the best rimless toilets. We hope this helps you to make a choice for your bathroom. Not ready to make a decision just yet? You can view our full range of toilets, plus we have lots more advice and guidance to help. 

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