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Tiny Bathroom Ideas

If you’re looking for tips for how to fit a bathroom into a tiny space, you’ve come to the right place! With an efficient strategy, you can design your bathroom so that it remains functional as well as stylish, no matter the space available.


Tiny Bathroom Layout Ideas

Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas

Shower or Bath Debate

Tiny Bathroom Rental Ideas

Tiny Bathroom Furniture

Tiny Bathroom Colours

Tiny Bathroom Lighting


Tiny Bathroom Layout

It’s crucial to focus on the essentials when designing a small bathroom. We recommend that you plan out your space cleverly using specific measurements so you know how much, or how little, space you have to play with. Some bathrooms can be as small as 5 ft by 4 ft, and will solely fit a sink and a toilet - in this case, wall mounted toilets and corner basins could be the way to go. Another great tip to save on space is to opt for underfloor heating instead of a bulky heated towel rail.

Going for a shower instead of a bath is an obvious choice to save on floor space, and wet rooms are also a practical way to use your available space to open up the room with a large shower area, without the need for a bulky enclosure.

Tiny Bathroom Layout

Tiny Bathroom Storage Ideas

The storage space in most bathrooms is created by vanity units and we have a number of great compact units available on our website, from wall hung to floorstanding options. Mirrored cabinets are also a great idea for tiny bathrooms, as they provide a 2 in 1 functionality with an essential mirror, but also ample storage space within the unit itself.

Wall mounted shelving and recessed shelves are more great ways to bring forth more storage space. Floating shelves will add a modern touch to your tiny bathroom and do not take up too much space, meaning that you have enough room to store essentials. Wall mounted accessories can also be used for small bathrooms; tumblers and soap dispensers will ensure that the area around your sink is decluttered and will create a clean and inviting finish. 

The Shower or Bath Debate

Whilst a bath might be a tempting idea for a tiny bathroom, if your space doesn’t permit it, it’s recommended that you opt for a shower instead. Shower trays are available from as small as 800mm x 800mm whilst bath tubs are usually 1700mm long and 700mm wide, so a small shower can be a perfect option for snug bathrooms. Shower enclosures give a less bulky appearance than baths and use the whole height of your bathroom which is more pleasing to the eye.

To make this decision, you should judge who is going to be using the bathroom the most. Family bathrooms will be better suited to a bath, but en-suites could benefit from showers. 

Shower Bath

Tiny Bathroom Rental Ideas

It can be difficult to style your tiny bathroom if you’re living in a rental property as you’re unable to change to furniture, tiles or layout. However, it’s worth asking your landlord if you have any leniency to style the space more to your liking, for example painting over the walls or tiles, and installing a few shelves here and there. 

To give your rental bathroom an upgrade, you can hang prints and frames to the walls with adhesive hooks that won’t penetrate the wall, or place plants around to modernise your suite. These tips don’t require you to make any permanent fixtures or screws in the wall. You also have the freedom to change the lightbulbs to brighter lights to flow more vibrancy through your small space and you may even be able to upgrade the mirror to a larger alternative to further bounce light around the room.

Bathroom Plants

Tiny Bathroom Furniture Ideas

With the right furniture choices, you can save on valuable floor and wall space in your small bathroom without skimping on style. Wall mounted and cloakroom vanity units are an obvious choice for small spaces, as they are super compact and still provide useful storage space.  Wall hung toilets can also benefit tiny bathrooms as they provide a sleek, clean finish and free up floor and wall space by having the cistern cleverly hidden behind the wall. 

Tiny Bathroom Colour Ideas

One of the best ways to make a tiny bathroom appear larger is to choose a bright colour palette such as whites, cool blues and greys. The simpler the better is the way to go with small spaces, as chaotic combinations of various colours, textures and tiles will create an overwhelming space that’s too busy - which is definitely not what you want for small bathrooms!

Neutral colours are very popular for bathroom floors as they can make your space appear brighter and larger and provide a simple clean space to build upon. For more colour inspiration, take a look at our guide on bathroom colour ideas.

Tiny Bathroom Colour Ideas

Tiny Bathroom Lighting

Many tiny bathrooms lack windows which can make a space appear darker, shaded and smaller. Artificial lighting such as recessed downlights and spotlights are great for brightening up a bathroom that lacks natural light, and it’s important that you incorporate bright, glossy paints and tiles to help any available light bounce around the room. 

In some cases, you may be able to install a skylight into the ceiling, which is a great money saving tip to save on electricity and also provide pure natural light instead of artificial light. Check out our handy blog for all you need to know on making a windowless bathroom brighter.

Tiny Bathroom Lighting

There are many ways to cleverly design a tiny bathroom to ensure that it’s as efficient as necessary without being too cluttered. For more more small bathroom inspiration, take a look at how to choose the right bath for your bathroom.

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