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  • What's Hiding In Your Bathroom Cabinet?

    Do you really know what's hiding in your bathroom cabinet? We take an in-depth look at the products in your bathroom and the potentially nasty chemicals which could be inside. From shampoo, to moisturiser, we have everything you need to know to choose the right products for you.
  • Brushed Brass Taps & Accessories: An In-Depth Guide

    Each different brushed brass range offers a slightly different brushed brass finish, which can make pairing different brand ranges tricky. That’s where this guide comes in! Read on to find out the differences and similarities between our brushed brass taps & accessories to find the perfect combination for you.
  • Our Favourite Double Vanity Units

    If you’re a fan of five star hotel luxury, of perhaps you’re simply after some couples bathroom design tips, a double basin vanity unit is all you need. Take a look at some of our best selling double vanity units and enter a whole new realm of bathroom design.
  • Our Favourite Double Ended Baths

    Double ended baths are a useful and stylish bathroom upgrade. Whether you and your partner wish to relax together after a long day or you want more room for bathing the kids, a double ended bath is a choice you could never regret. Join us as we share our favourites.
  • Adding Patterned Tiles to Your Bathroom (That Won't Clash!)

    Patterned tiles in the bathroom is a look many people love, but it can be tricky to get right. Pairing with the right furniture and accessories can be difficult, and the look often ends up too garish or not quite enough. Well, look no further! We’ve put together our favourite bathroom looks, with all you need to style your own bathroom perfectly.
  • The Best Small Bathtubs for Little Bathrooms

    Stretching out in a bath the size of a bed might not seem possible if your bathroom space is limited, but we’re here to show that you can still enjoy a bath at the end of a long day, no matter how small your bathroom. Ready to dive in? Let’s take a look at the best small bathtubs for little bathrooms.
  • Smelly Sink: How To Fix Smelly Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

    Living in a bustling family home with a well used bathroom and kitchen can often conjure up a few interesting smells, and you can find yourself playing detective to a game called “What’s that Smell?” Fortunately a smelly bathroom or kitchen sink can be easy to resolve. Here are a few simple tips as to how this can be done.
  • Introducing: Full Circle Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

    Introducing: Full Circle! If you're after a brand that offer some pretty attractive and eco friendly cleaning products, you're in the right place. Full Circle help us keep our homes as clean as possible, whilst being sure to care for our beautiful planet in the process. Take a look at the new range here.
  • The Stages of Relationships: Bathroom Edition

    The bathroom is one of the most intimate places where you can truly be yourself. How you act in this room with your partner can be a testament of trust and ultimately a solid relationship.  That’s exactly why Drench has decided to quiz the British public to find out when we reach our relationship milestones - in the bathroom.
  • Our Favourite Designer Radiators Under £500

    Think designer automatically means expensive? Think again! We’ve put together our favourite weird, wacky, and wonderful designer radiators that are guaranteed to turn heads and make your room the epitome of style. The best news, they’re all under £500! Let’s take a look at some of our favourite budget designer radiators.
  • The Best Showers for Combi Boilers

    If your home has a combi boiler then you have a wealth of choices when selecting a shower system to make the most of it. Join us on a voyage through 10 of Drench’s very best shower kits and find the perfect pick for your family and combi boiler alike!
  • Our Favourite Electric Showers

    The electric shower is one of the most exciting pieces in home bathroom design right now. Having broken free of the stigma that used to surround it, the electric shower is now a fantastic display of functionality, value and energy efficiency. Here, we present three of the best by Vado.
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