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How To Clean A Shower Head

Keeping your shower head clean is really important. If you've found that the flow of your shower is lower than it used to be or the water is no longer coming out straight, chances are your shower head is clogged up with dirt and mineral deposits. Once you've checked the problem isn't due to low water pressure, you can get ready to clean your shower head!

You Will Need:

  • White vinegar
  • Plastic bag or sandwich bag
  • String or elastic bands
  • Sponge with scourer/ old toothbrush


How To Clean A Shower Head:

1. Scrub Off Loose Dirt Or Limescale

The first step when cleaning your shower head is removing any dirt or limescale that's not too stubborn. With a scouring sponge or a toothbrush, give it a good scrub ready for descaling.


2. Fill a Bag With White Vinegar

Take a plastic bag, sandwich bags will work particularly well, and fill it with white vinegar.


3. Place Bag Over The Shower Head

Place the plastic bag over the shower head until it is completely submerged, then using string or an elastic band, secure the bag. Make sure the bag is tied tight enough that it won’t slip and come off once you let go.


4. Leave To Soak

Leave the shower head to soak in the white vinegar for at least an hour.


5. Remove The Bag & Run Water

Remove the shower head from the bag and run the hot water to clean out any deposits which may be trapped around the nozzles.


6. Scrub Excess Dirt

Using a toothbrush or scourer cloth, scrub off any excess dirt or limescale that hasn’t been removed by the vinegar. You can then rinse the shower head with a seperate tap to remove any last mineral deposits and that vinegar smell.

You can also clean the other side of the shower head with your sponge, the vinegar should give it a bright shine.


Descaling a Fixed Shower Head

Although it may be slightly trickier, you can still use the method above to clean your fixed shower head. 

Fill your plastic bag with white vinegar and place it over the top of the fixed shower head, making sure the whole fixture has been submerged. Then using string or elastic bands, tie the bag onto the pipe leading into the shower head. Tying the bag tightly is even more important when cleaning fixed shower head, so make sure it’s secure! Once you've left it to soak for roughly an hour, remove the bag and rinse the head with warm water. Use a scourer or toothbrush if the fixture is still dirty.

Tom Drake, DIY expert at Drench advises, "keeping your shower head clean is important not only for aesthetics but also for the continued good functioning of your shower. Using natural ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda will keep your shower head sparkling clean, and ensure that it lasts for a long time."

Cleaning A Shower Head Without Vinegar

Although vinegar is a popular solution for cleaning shower heads, there are other methods you can use. Baking soda, oven cleaner, specialist products and even cola can all be effective when trying to clean your shower head.


Cramer Tap & Shower Cleaner

Sometimes you need to go to the professionals! The Cramer Tap & Shower cleaner can be used to easily remove limescale and deposits gently without harming the plating. The Cramer cleaner will also give your shower head a beautiful shine. As with most cleaners, we recommend testing the product on a small area first and always check the bottle to see if the finish of your shower is compatible.


Baking Soda

Like using vinegar, cleaning your shower head with baking soda is a non-chemical method. Take your baking soda and mix it with water until you are able to create a paste. Wearing a pair of gloves, spread the paste across the shower head and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. It’s important not to leave the baking soda on the shower head for too long, as it can become very hard to rinse off. After its been left to soak in, wipe it off with a cloth and your shower head should be sparkly clean.


Oven Cleaner

Although it is clearly designed for another purpose, oven cleaner can also be used to descasle your shower head. As oven cleaners are designed to cut through incredibly tough grime burnt inside your oven, they can be quite tough so it’s important to use it sparingly and wear gloves. Simply spray the head evenly with the oven cleaner, leave it for 20 minutes then rinse off with warm water. 



Most cola drinks contain citric acid, tartaric acid and phosphoric acid, all of which are found in bathroom cleaning products. Although it may not do as well at creating a shine, cola drinks can be incredibly effective at unclogging mineral deposits and limescale in your shower head. We recommend using a plastic bag tied around the shower head as with the vinegar method above, leaving it to soak for an hour before rinsing. When choosing a cola brand, any should work as long at is has the 3 ingredients we’ve mentioned above.


If you've tried all of the methods above to clean your shower head and it still isn't cleaning, it may be time to remove it. Check out the fantastic range of showers on offer at Drench.

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