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The Couples Guide to ‘His and Hers’ Bathrooms

As much as we love our ‘better half' you may have noticed that disputes are often caused in shared spaces, and the bathroom is no exception. No stranger to the morning routine dispute, you know the one where ‘us females’ get moaned at for leaving our make-up and toiletries on the basin top, when ‘he’ has the audacity to shave and leave hairs in the sink or the toilet seat open?

You can put a stop to the bathroom shenanigans by transforming your bathroom into a ‘his and hers’ retreat. This ingenious concept provides individual personal space by dividing fixtures and furnishings in so that each person has their own. His and hers bathroom’s are easy to achieve by investing in double basin vanity units.


Single Basin Vanity Units

Single basin vanity units work particularly well in his and hers bathrooms because they give each partner their own individual unit for their bathroom paraphernalia, plus the units be set at a height to suit the individual.

There is an extensive collection of single vanity units available from Drench in floorstanding and wall mounted designs to suit both the modern and traditional bathroom. Vanity units are available in a wide range of finishes and designs with over 800 vanity units to choose from in various sizes you’re sure to find the right vanity unit for your bathroom.



Double Basin Vanity Units

A double basin vanity unit not only offers a generous amount of storage space, they are ideal for creating a contemporary look within your bathroom. Double vanity units are ideal for smaller bathrooms where space is limited because the attached look provides a sense of intimacy. Along with the practicality of not having to share a basin during the morning madness, plus additional storage, double basin vanity units are a worthy investment.

Console Units

For a console unit why not consider the Crosswater Seattle, it features a single drawer to hideaway all your bathroom essentials. And it's big enough to fit two stylish countertop basins on top.


To compliment your his and hers bathroom, why not double up on bathroom accessories for you and your beau, Drench offer an array of accessories including robe hooks, towel rings, glass tumblers and towel rails ideal adding the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom made for two.

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