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Art Deco Bathroom Ideas


What is Art Deco?

How to Achieve an Art Deco Bathroom

What Colours Work Best in an Art Deco Bathroom?

Bathroom Accessories

What is Art Deco?

The art deco movement emerged from the roaring 1920s era, and is characterised by bold designs, vibrant colours and patterns. Art deco style is making a comeback in many UK bathrooms from the rise of geometric floor and wall tiles, to vintage mirrors and traditional taps.

How To Achieve a Stylish Art Deco Bathroom

An art deco bathroom should feature traditional basin taps, mirrors with bold frames and geometric, patterned tiles. Art deco is known for embracing both the old and the new, balancing different colours and features to achieve a design that makes a statement but is not overpowering.

Art Deco Bathroom Ideas

Image: @locationhouseofbeau

What Colours Work Best in an Art Deco Bathroom?

The best colours for an art deco bathroom include black and gold fittings, whites and luxurious dark purples. Bathroom wallpaper is also making a comeback in many bathroom designs, so opting for a feature wall is a great way to add character.

Black & Gold

Gold can be difficult to style, but by complementing it with muted colours such as black, you can achieve the perfect art deco bathroom design. Gold screams luxury and is a popular finish for bathroom taps , along with brushed brass which will give a slightly more muted tone than full on gold.


Black and white is a classic combination for many bathrooms, and art deco design often features geometric floor tiles with white wall tiles. With the right balance, this classic style can make a statement in your bathroom and become a talking point for your guests! Metro tiles work well in art deco bathrooms, along with matt black taps and black framed mirrors.

Monochrome bathroom design


Purple connotes feelings of luxury and royalty. Deep shades of purple and blue can give your bathroom a lavish feel and is the perfect way to add a colourful dimension to a monochrome bathroom. If you’re cautious to go full on purple in your bathroom, try a feature wall or dark purple accessories such as towels and prints for a more muted look. Our bathroom colour ideas article delves deeper into popular bathroom colours and how they can affect your mood.

Purple Art Deco Bathroom

Bathroom Accessories

Finishing touches such as artwork and accessories can really brighten up an art deco themed bathroom. Our Butler & Rose and Burlington collections have a range of traditional products that will be the perfect fit.

Finishing Touches

Chrome and matt black are classic finishes for traditional bathrooms, and brushed brass is also becoming more popular in many UK homes. If your art deco bathroom has patterned floor or wall tiles, it’s best to go for chrome accessories to ensure your bathroom doesn’t appear too busy. Here at Drench we have a selection of finishing touches including stylish towel rings, toilet roll holders and robe hooks to match any bathroom design.


Traditional wall lights and feature ceiling lights are the best option for vintage bathrooms. Wall lights either side of a mirror will give the perfect art deco style and are a great way to add vibrancy to the vanity area. If you’re going for feature wall lights, it’s best to have a simple wall tiles to ensure that the lights stand out.

Art Deco Bathroom Wall Lights


Framed mirrors are a great way to level up your bathroom design! We have a range of mirrors with matt black and brass frames, which will add another feature to your vintage bathroom. Our Bathroom Origins Docklands mirror in brass is a great option for art deco bathrooms and its hexagonal shape adds a traditional style.

We hope this list of art deco bathroom ideas has given you enough inspiration to create your own. Take a look our 6 top tips to make your bathroom more luxurious to learn how to make your bathroom ooze class and style!

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