Small Bathroom Ideas 2020

Just because you have a Small Bathroom, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style and functionality. In this guide we outline all the latest design trends you need to know to spruce up your small bathroom in 2020.

Small Bathrooms can bring a lot of problems and your thoughts around design will often need to change accordingly. When designing a small bathroom, you'll need to think much more carefully about the placement of your furniture. Compared to a larger bathroom, slight changes in the positioning of furniture can make a huge difference to the appearance and feel of your smaller bathroom.

When coming up with bathroom ideas, it's also important to consider the location of your current plumbing. Moving the pipes in your bathroom, particularly the toilet waste, can be expensive. As a result you will probably want to keep the toilet, basin & shower/bath in roughly the same place.


Top Tips For Saving Space

Wall Hung Furniture

One of the easiest ways you can create the feeling of extra space in your bathroom is to raise the furniture off the floor. Wall hung furniture will increase the amount of visible floor in your bathroom, which gives the illusion of extra space. Wall hung furniture also makes it easier to keep your bathroom clean.

Wall mounted vanity units are a great place to start. These will house your sink and give you some much needed storage underneath, which will help you to reduce clutter. Our wall hung vanity units are available in a huge range of different designs and colours, so you can find the perfect style and size for your bathroom.

Furniture Size

When adding furniture to your bathroom, picking the right size is crucial. If your vanity unit is too large, it will make your bathroom feel cramped and even smaller. If your furniture is too small, chances are you won't have enough space to store everything you need, which can lead to clutter which you don't need in a small bathroom!


Corner Ceramics

When you have a small bathroom, maximising the available space you have is important. One way you can use space efficiently is with corner toilets and basins.

Although they aren't the most common sight, a corner toilet can help free up space in a smaller bathroom for a larger sink or bath.

Frameless Shower

Removing the large frame from a shower is a fantastic way to reduce the visual clutter from your bathroom. Perfect for lovers of minimalist design, the glass of frameless showers will allow the flow of light around the room, something which will help reduce the feelings of clutter.

Maximise Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to make your small bathroom appear larger. They will not only reflect light but will also give the appearance of extra depth. When choosing mirrors, go for a frameless mirror which will help to create a minimalist, clutter free look. Or if you really want to maximise space, take a look at one of our bathroom mirror cabinets.

Short Projection Toilets

Every inch counts when designing your small bathroom so why not install a short projection toilet? As the name suggests, these toilets have a smaller protrusion into your bathroom, which will help free up space.


Tall Bathroom Cabinets

If you don't have the space horizontally in your bathroom, why not go vertical? Tall bathroom cabinets can hold all your essentials, without the need for large spaces. Think about the layout of standard bathrooms, there will be lots of items on the bottom half of the wall but the top is under-utilised.

A tall bathroom cabinet will look great on it's own or it can be mounted next to your basin, so all your essentials are close to hand. However, we recommend you use tall cabinets sparingly, too many will make your bathroom feel cramped.

Combine Bathroom Features

If you are working with a small space, one of the options you have is combining bathroom fixtures. With a toilet & basin combination, you will get a toilet and basin in one small package which will leave extra space for storage or a larger bath/shower.


Shower Caddies

Shower caddies are an excellent way to maximise the wall space in your shower. At Drench we have a great selection of sizes & styles, so you can keep all your essentials close to hand without the clutter!


Install Underfloor Heating

Radiators and heated towel rails can take up a lot of space on walls, space you might not have in a small bathroom. Installing underfloor heating is an excellent way to minimise clutter on your walls and make your bathroom feel as spacious as possible. If you still want a towel rail in your bathroom, these are available in a great range of sizes so you can find one to fit.


Small Bathroom Trends 2020

Paint With Light Colours

If you have a small bathroom, making it as light as possible is crucial. Light can open up a room and make it feel much brighter. One of the easiest ways to improve the brightness of a room is painting with light colours. White or other lighter shades will bounce light around the room to make it feel more welcoming.



Smart Bathroom Devices

The whole home is moving towards the integration of smart devices and your bathroom is no exception. Your bathroom mirror can now include Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pair your phone and safely play your favourite music in the bathroom.



Paint Or Tile Halfway Up The Wall

Painting or tiling halfway up the wall can give the illusion that your bathroom is taller than it really is. The paint or tiles help create a difference between the floor and ceiling, which will give walls more depth, making them appear larger than they really are.



Bathroom Tile Ideas

2020 is the year pink tiles come back! Pink can give your bathroom a fresh, minimalist look which is ideal for smaller bathrooms. If you aren't ready to take the plunge and tile your whole bathroom, why not add a pink feature wall?

2020 is also going to be the year marble tiles feature in more and more bathrooms. Marble will introduce a relaxing, natural element to your small bathroom.

Finally, vintage tiles are growing in popularity this year. Vibrant vintage tiles are an excellent way to bring some bright colours into your bathroom. Again, all walls in vintage tiles can be overwhelming, so why not add a feature wall?


Black Bathroom Products

Although we wouldn't recommend painting or tiling your small bathroom in dark colours, black bathroom taps & sinks are an easy way to give your bathroom a modern refresh. Black Bathroom design has been growing in popularity and we think 2020 is the year it will really take off!

Concrete Bathroom Decor

We think 2020 will be the year concrete bathroom products really take off. Their clean, industrial design is perfect for creating a minimalist, relaxing bathroom. Drench have a great selection of concrete vanity units and an excellent range of accompanying accessories.

Now you know how to style your small bathroom to make the most of space, it's time to start shopping! Take a look at our excellent range of space saving toilets, corner & cloakroom basins and furniture to start creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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