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How to Clean Your Black Bathroom Taps

Welcome back to the Drench blog where this week we will be covering the important topic of how to clean black bathroom taps. That’s right – those superbly fashionable new black taps you just purchased call for a slightly more delicate approach when it comes to cleaning.

It is one of those things that you could go through life without ever knowing and get off totally fine – on the other hand, one errant scrub with too volatile a chemical-based cleaner and you could instantly discolour and damage the black sheen of the taps you spent so much money and time acquiring.

We would not want that at all! So let’s jump right in and get those black bathroom taps sparkling clean.


What Covers Black Bathroom Taps?

The extra care that must be taken when cleaning your black taps is a result of the processes that create their great finish. This is especially the case for matt black taps as opposed to gloss black taps, though it is good to take every precaution before you figure out how best to clean your particular brand of black bathroom tap.

Each brand will have their own unique approach but most players generally use electroplating or PVD.



The main process for coating black bathroom taps and other black bathroom accessories, electroplating takes a water-based paint solution at atomic level and converts it into an immensely thin film coating, using electric currents to perform the application.

It is chosen by many big bathroom brands as it is one of the most durable finishes when it comes to standing up to general wear and tear.



PVD stands for physical vapour deposition and is becoming more and more popular among the top bathroom brands. PVD covers a variety of methods, each using a vacuum to lay ultra-thin films across metal products. It is also popularly used on solar panels and metalwork tools.

PVD converts a matt black finish from condensed phase to a vapour phase, which is then applied via vacuum, where it condenses once more as a thin film. Hey presto – a lovely matt black finish that is quoted by the brands that use it to be more effective and resilient than electroplating.


Who Finishes First?

While they may stand up to years of grubby hands thanks to either finish, black taps cast using the above methods can really suffer if the wrong sort of chemical cleaner is used on them. This might cause dulling of the finish or even wear right through to the black taps’ base material.

We definitely do not want that happening to your exuberant new black taps so now let’s cover how to clean black taps properly!


Do Black Taps Scratch?

You wouldn’t rub hard or sharp objects against the bodywork of your pride and joy sitting out in the driveway, so why would you do it with your lovely designer black taps?

Rings are a real concern when using matt black taps or gloss black taps – we recommend removing rings or at least being conscious not to scratch your black taps with them. And of course, please do be careful not to drop your ring down the sink when you remove it to go about your wash routine – Drench is not responsible for any backlash caused by losing a loved one’s ring!


Cleaning Your Black Taps

Now, we have built it up a lot but cleaning black taps is really very simple, we promise!


In fact, all we need to do is stress not to use any random chemical-based cleaning products, as well as any extravagant polishes, waxes, abrasives and acids. And whatever you do, do not use any scouring brushes or coarse cleaning cloths!

All you need is some warm water and a soft micro-fibre cloth – that’s it.

Clean progressively and gently, ensuring that you do not denature the finish with any corrosive cleaning products. Voila – clean black taps!


O-Ring Staining

It is natural to discover over a period of time that your black taps have been stained slightly by the grease applied to the O-ring sat between the bottom of the tap and top of the basin structure.

If you cannot remove this grease with warm soapy water alone, you should be fine to use a cleaner consisting of methylated spirits (alcohol) to remove the grease stain from your black tap.

To be fully safe you should first contact the manufacturer directly and run it past them as they will have the ultimate knowledge on whether or not this will affect the finish of your black taps.


Cleaning with Cramer

The Drench team aren’t the only ones who have your back when maintaining your black taps.


Respected bathroom cleaning brand Cramer are known for their delicate cleaning solutions, and its due to this delicacy that they may be useful when cleaning your black taps.

Whilst it's unlikely that Cramer products will have any negative impact upon black taps, it's important we point out that you apply these to matt black products at your own risk. Cramer do not specify suitability for matt black products, nor do manufacturer's recommend any cleaning solutions; however, their environmentally friendly and un-harmful properties suggest they may be appropriate.

If you are unsure whether to use Cramer or not, we'd recommend taking the safe route! That doesn't mean you should dismiss Cramer however. Their products produce some jaw-dropping results so we'd most certainly recommend them for any standard finish taps.

Check out their full range of products at our store right here! And do not hesitate to get in touch for friendly advice on which Cramer product would be just right for your tap upkeep.


Sparkling Black Taps

With great taps comes great responsibility!

You should not see this article as a warning against black taps, for as long as you take good care of your black taps, they will take care of you. If you are uncertain about anything when it comes to maintaining your black taps, you know we are never more than a call away.

And why not check out our full range of black taps here and see how you can spice up your bathroom with their sultry, stylish touch.


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