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Small Bathroom Ideas 2023

Just because you have a small bathroom, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style and functionality! This guide outlines all the latest design trends you need to know to spruce up your small bathroom in 2023.

With the increase in cost of living, many people are choosing to improve their homes instead of buying somewhere new. Therefore, working with what you've got and refreshing your space is key as we move into the new year.


Bathroom Colours

Tile Ideas



Top Bathroom Colours for 2023

Peach Bathrooms

Whilst peach isn’t normally used for the bathroom, in 2023 it could be the hottest bathroom colour. According to Pinterest Trends data, searches for peach bathrooms are up by a huge 41%, making this the top bathroom colour for 2023. 

The Danish Pastels trend combines Scandi minimalism with pops of pastel colours, which is a design trend we're expecting to see in 2023. 

Light Neutrals

If you have a small bathroom, making it as light as possible is crucial in order to open up the space.  One of the easiest ways to improve the brightness of a room is painting with light colours; white or other lighter shades will bounce light around the room to make it feel more welcoming.

Neutral Bathroom

Green Bathrooms

One of the biggest colour trends for the new year is emerald green, which we’ve found to have an 82% increase in Pinterest searches within the past year. This shade of green looks great against marble, white and even brass fixtures and will bring more warmth into your bathroom.

Coloured Vanity Units

If you're looking to add a pop of colour into your bathroom without going too over the top, a coloured vanity unit could be the perfect choice. Dark blue and navy furniture along with sage green are popular options and these pair super well with white finishes.

Natural Woods

As more of us work from home, it’s becoming increasingly important to introduce touches of nature indoors, particularly in a smaller bathroom. Wood bathroom vanity units are an excellent way to bring an organic look to your bathroom. A light wood finish will also stop your small bathroom from feeling too dark and cramped.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Terracotta Tiles

Lesley Taylor founder of Baked Tiles has some great insight for the top tile trends of 2023. Searches for ' terracotta bathroom' have risen 98% on Pinterest in the last 12 months and are one of the best-selling designs over at Baked Tiles. Lesley suggests, "terracotta tiles are suitable for a number of interior styles as it has a rustic, natural appeal."

Terracotta Tiles

Mural Designs

Mural tile designs are taking centre stage in bathrooms and kitchens alike. Small bathrooms and cloakrooms will greatly benefit from bolder designs and many people choose to experiment with textures and colours in smaller, less-used rooms in the house. Lesley continues,

'thanks to advances in tile production, you can now use large-scale flowing patterns in wet areas and some are even suitable for external use. The 'mural wall tile' trend has flow up a staggering 135% over the last 12 months on Pinterest!"

Murals are a great way to bring more colour, texture and character into the home and we're big fans here at Drench.

Wall Murals Bathroom

Bathroom Wallpaper

Wallpaper is perfect for anyone who wants to add a feature wall to give a smaller bathroom some character. Many people will add a unique touch to their bathroom through the colour and pattern of their tiles and although this can look great, it’s also a very permanent option. In comparison, wallpaper is a lot easier to remove should you want a change of style.


Top Tips For Saving Space

Wall Hung Furniture

One of the easiest ways to create the feeling of extra space in your bathroom is to raise the furniture off the floor. Wall hung furniture will increase the amount of visible floor in your bathroom, which gives the illusion of extra space.

Wall mounted vanity units are a great place to start. These will house your sink and give you some much needed storage underneath, which will help to reduce clutter. Our wall hung vanity units are available in a huge range of different designs and colours, so you can find the perfect style and size for your bathroom.

Furniture Size

When adding furniture to your bathroom, picking the right size is crucial. If your vanity unit is too large, it will make your bathroom feel cramped and even smaller. If your furniture is too small, chances are you won't have enough space to store everything you need, which can lead to clutter which you don't need in a small bathroom!

Corner Ceramics

When you have a small bathroom, maximising the available space you have is important. One way you can use space efficiently is with corner toilets and basins.

Combine Bathroom Features

If you are working with a small space, one of the options you have is combining bathroom fixtures. With a toilet & basin combination, you will get a toilet and basin in one small package which will leave extra space for storage or a larger bath/shower.

Frameless Showers

Removing the large frame from a shower is a fantastic way to reduce the visual clutter from your bathroom. Perfect for lovers of minimalist design, the glass of frameless showers will allow the flow of light around the room, something which will help reduce the feeling of clutter.

Install Underfloor Heating

Radiators and heated towel rails can take up a lot of space on walls, space you might not have in a small bathroom. Installing underfloor heating is an excellent way to minimise clutter on your walls and make your bathroom feel as spacious as possible. If you still want a towel rail in your bathroom, these are available in a great range of sizes so you can find one to fit.

Top Bathroom Accessories

Smart Mirrors

Our whole lives are becoming more connected to technology and our bathrooms are no different. In a small bathroom where you might not have enough space for a shower speaker, a Bluetooth bathroom mirror is perfect. A Bluetooth bathroom mirror can be connected to your phone so you can listen to all your favourite music in the shower. If you also want to add some light to your bathroom, choose an illuminated Bluetooth mirror.

Shower Caddies

Shower caddies are an excellent way to maximise the wall space in your shower. At Drench we have a great selection of sizes & styles, so you can keep all your essentials close to hand without the clutter!

Bathroom Plants

As we spend more time at home, bringing a touch of nature indoors will be increasingly important, which is where house plants come in. There are a whole host of different plants which will thrive in your bathroom. Although you’ll need to think carefully about the size of your plants in a small space, you still have a great selection to choose from. If you're not sure which plants to choose, take a look at our top 14 bathroom plants.


Industrial Touches

Industrial design has become popular throughout the home, particularly in kitchens, for a number of years. However, it’s only recently that this design style has moved into the bathroom. If you want to create a small bathroom with a modern yet rustic touch, this is the style for you. 

Think steel baths, matt black or brushed finish taps and industrial style shower valves. This is a style which usually favours darker colours. However, as you are fitting out a small bathroom, you might want to use darker fixtures whilst painting in a lighter colour.

Now you know how to style your small bathroom to make the most of space, it's time to start shopping! Take a look at our excellent range of space saving toilets, corner & cloakroom basins and furniture to start creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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