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How to Make A Windowless Bathroom Brighter

If your bathroom doesn’t contain a window, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Replace the suns gleaming rays with a few bathroom style and fitting tips to help your bathroom dazzle. Here are a few suggestions of how you can go about brightening up your windowless bathroom!


Bathroom Colours

Interior Inspiration

Bathroom Lighting


Bathroom Colours

Dark bathrooms can appear dreary and uninviting, which is the opposite of what a bathroom should be. Opting for the right paint colours can help you bring vibrancy into a bathroom that lacks windows.

Whites & Neutrals

A bright, coastal type feel in the bathroom can be created with soft pastel shades and neutrals, which will help to lighten up your space. In terms of floors, steer away from dark woods colours and and go for lighter flooring options to help bounce light around the room. Although white is a great colour to add vibrancy to a small, windowless bathroom, overusing the colour can actually wash out your space so instead go for off-white tones, greys and beige and layer these with light wood accessories, different textures and plants.

Check out the bathroom transformation below that sees a bland, dark blue bathroom transform into a bright white dream that looks unrecognisable! This windowless bathroom was done on a budget and looks stunning.

Glossy Paints

Choose a paint with a glossy effect to help reflect what little light you have available in your bathroom. Reflective surfaces are beneficial for small, dark spaces and will capture the light from artificial lighting, making your bathroom appear brighter.

Chrome Assets

Chrome assets such as taps, towel rails and showers are another great way to add light to a dark bathroom. With a polished chrome finish, you will be adding a touch of sparkle to your bathroom design, which is something that you can't achieve with matt black or brushed finishes.

Interior Inspiration

With a few accessory touch ups, your windowless bathroom can appear brighter and more vibrant than it actually is. Remember to keep the design simple to avoid an overly cluttered, messy bathroom.

Bring the Outside In

If there’s no opportunity for natural light to flow into your bathroom, it’s a great idea to bring some nature indoors. Aloe Vera or spider plants are the best bathroom plants, and look natural and green enough to inject some real colour depth. If you’re accessorising a white bathroom, lighter natural wood finishes look great as contrasting pieces. Adding a light wood vanity unit will add a neutral, Scandi vibe and not to mention some fantastic contemporary style and storage space.

Windowless Bathroom Design

Replace a Shower Curtain with a Bath Screen

Removing an old, grimy shower curtain with a glass bath screen will transform your shower bath and help to spread more light around the room. Not only are they easier to clean, shower and bath screens will modernise a space and prevent the need for a bulky curtain which will darken and dampen the room.

The Simpler The Better

The right amount of accessories can bring new life to a dying bathroom design. Keep the design simple and minimalist, as too many accessories can quickly make your bathroom take on the shabby aesthetic of a car boot sale! If you're styling a white bathroom, go for pops of colour with towels, prints or black frames.

Bathroom Lighting

Using the right artificial lighting in dark bathrooms will make up for the lack of natural light, making it easier to do those bathroom tasks such as shaving and applying makeup. Here are some more ways to bring light into your bathroom space with a mixture of lighting sources.

Artificial Lighting

Lighting such as recessed downlights and spotlights are great for brightening up a bathroom that lacks natural light. Placing spotlights above a shower or bath will also accentuate these items as the focal points. For general bathroom lighting, pick a mix of soft ambient light with more intense spotlighting so you can have appropriate light for all times of day. Recessed lighting in bath panels, skirting boards and below shelves can be a perfect option to provide subtle light in areas that are often shadowed.

Fit a Skylight

If you have a ceiling that faces directly outside, such as a loft conversion, you can bring some all-important natural light by fitting a skylight into the ceiling. This is the best money saving option as you won't have to turn the lights on during the day, and natural light will always give the best ambience as opposed to artificial lighting. When installing a skylight, make sure you use an approved fitter!


Adding large mirrors to your bathroom will bounce the available light around the room and give the illusion of more space. Large round mirrors are also great to soften hard lines, giving your bathroom a softer, more stylish finish.

LED Mirrors

Illuminated mirrors provide a high light output which is useful to add another lighting dimension to your space, and many of our LED mirrors have the option to choose between cool or warm light. LED mirrors are a great 2 in 1 solution to provide all the features of a mirror and a bright light all in one place, saving you bathroom space. 

Large Mirrors

Using reflective surfaces such as mirrors will be a great addition to small, windowless bathrooms as they will reflect the vibrancy from artificial lighting and light wall colours all around the space. This will do wonders for making your bathroom not only appear brighter, but larger and more inviting. Check out our vast selection of bathroom mirrors to find the perfect option for your space.

We hope this guide has given you an insight in how to make a windowless bathroom brighter! Take a look at our bathroom lighting ideas blog for more interior inspiration on how to achieve a bright bathroom design.

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