Shower Enclosures

For many people, the shower enclosure is the most important aspect of their new bathroom. Whilst a bath is lovely once in a while, the daily shower is the invigorating wake-up that gets people ready for the day ahead. If you've been used to a cramped, old shower enclosure with a pitiful stream of water hitting the top of your head, then the time for changing to a luxury shower enclosure is now. Lucky then, that here at Drench we've carefully selected the very best of the best in shower cubicles.

Shower enclosures come in a wide array of sizes to suit even the most awkward of spaces. Small shower enclosures, measuring 700, 760 or 800mm are available for Britain's notoriously compact bathrooms; whereas large shower enclosures of 1200 x 800, or even 1700 x 700 (and bigger!) take up the entire footprint of a bath. This makes them a perfect choice for replacing the awkward shower bath with a much more practical large walk-in shower enclosure. Why compromise? If you never use the bath as a bath, then stop worrying about the hypothetical value of your house and start thinking about making the very best use of a space that you use every single day. Whether it's a curved shower enclosure or a luxury frameless glass shower cubicle, you'll find the very model of your dreams right here. And if you don't, tell us what you want and we'll hunt it down!