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Modern Bathroom Ideas

Here we have our top design trends to achieve the perfect modern bathroom in all its contemporary glory. From natural touches to monochrome spaces and statement furniture, keep reading to find out the top modern bathroom ideas.

A modern bathroom is a sophisticated and elegant space curated with style and personality. That's the beauty of a modern bathroom, it's as unique as its owner without the confines of historic influence. So, it was so much fun pulling together these top modern bathroom ideas based on impressive functionality, leading technology and overall style and aesthetic appeal.

We've broken it down into four sections looking at modern furniture and hardware ideas, heating, colours and design-led inspiration to really help you bring together your bathroom of dreams!

Don't forget to take a look at our 3D design service if you would like to see your bathroom come to life with products, colours, flooring and everything else. Our 3D renders put you right at the heart of your bathroom before you even make the first move on your project. 

But first, let's get straight into our top modern bathroom ideas.

Modern Furniture + Hardware

This is going to give your bathroom style and function helping to get rid of all that clutter while adding to your overall look. Think vanity units, cleverly placed shelves and storage and the finishing touches like basin taps, bath taps and shower fittings. 

Wall-Mounted Furniture

The key to designing a modern bathroom is to not overcrowd the space with bulky furniture. Opening up the room with wall-mounted furniture and vanity units will make your bathroom appear larger and less cluttered. Vanity units are preferable to pedestal basins in modern bathrooms as they provide ample storage space to keep everything more organised.

Here are some of our top selling units:

Statement Furniture

To achieve an abstract contemporary look in your bathroom, add a pop of colour with a coloured vanity unit. We have a selection of coloured units including blue, green and even pink available in an array of shapes and sizes; the perfect choice for any modern bathroom.

Textured units are also a trend to watch in 2023, with panelled, fluted and crosshatch vanity units becoming more popular. 

Modern Taps 

The best taps for modern bathrooms include waterfall mono basin taps, wall mounted mixers and sensor taps. Think taps that are simple and clean in design; invest in something that won’t go out of style such as a simple chrome mono basin mixer. Smart taps are also increasing in popularity and usually work through motion sensors to provide an ultra-hygienic bathroom experience. 

Modern Bathroom Tap

Clean Lines + Angles

Many modern bathrooms feature sharp angles, edges and clean lines within their design. Opt for dramatic hero pieces like large freestanding bathtubs, floorstanding bath taps and furniture with sharp edges. 

Modern Heating

Heating has evolved into so much more than a necessity - it's a way to make a statement and add style and pizzazz to any room - especially your bathroom. 

Modern Bathroom Radiators

Modern bathrooms require only the best heating systems. Radiators and towel rails aren’t just essential items used to heat your bathrooms, but can be an opportunity to make a design statement! Asymmetric shaped towel rails are a great fit for modern bathrooms and will make your space stand out from the crowd. Go one step further and invest in a coloured radiator to really make things pop.

Underfloor Heating

Choosing underfloor heating instead of a towel rail is a great way to create an efficient, toasty bathroom all year round. If you’re looking for a minimalist bathroom aesthetic, a bulky towel rail may not be the best fit so choosing to have your heating out of sight will offer the perfect contemporary blank canvas.

Top Modern Bathroom Colours + Tiles

Colour, glorious colour! Time to create your haven and find what makes your space sing. Choosing a colour or tile scheme can be one of the most joyous parts of bathroom renovations. Here's our best recommendations. 

Modern Bathroom Paint Colours

Modern bathrooms can really benefit from a splash of colour. The most popular modern bathroom colours include sage green, navy blue and more recently, peach and pink. Don’t be afraid of a colour clash as this will really make a statement in your contemporary bathroom.

For a rustic aesthetic, opt for that slightly ‘unfinished’ look with limewash paint, industrial matt black hardware and statement accessories.

Rustic Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Tiles

One of the first places to start when designing a modern bathroom is with the tiles. To stand out from the crowd, choose abstract or geometric tiles and use them as a feature wall or floor. This will add a vibrant statement to your space and look great complemented with understated furniture and accessories. 

Abstract Modern Tiles


Tiled wall murals are another trend to watch this year, along with the return of bathroom wallpaper. Bathrooms are a great opportunity to experiment with design as they’re arguably the most unused rooms in the home so you don’t need to be afraid of going bold. Biophilic, nature-inspired bathrooms are top modern bathroom trends for 2023 and help to create an inviting, welcoming space.

Wall Mural

Modern Bathroom Designs

Having a theme for your bathroom can really help to bring it all together. It also gives you a starting off point to research and find ideas and inspiration. Some of our favourite modern bathroom themes include spa style bathrooms, monochrome, natural and minimalist bathrooms. 

Spa Bathrooms

For a more understated and contemporary bathroom look, combine neutral paint colours with light woods and plants to create a spa-themed bathroom. Rustic wood-panelled walls are all common in spa bathrooms and offer a relaxing, calm space that creates the perfect spa aesthetic. Go a step further and add some natural materials such as dried flowers and plants to really make for a contemporary oasis.

Modern Spa Bathroom

Monochrome Bathrooms

Let’s bring things back to basics; a black and white bathroom is a simple way to achieve a sleek modern, luxurious space. Products such as matt black taps and showers along with crittal shower screens can complement white sanitaryware and tiles to create a perfect monochrome room.  Top tip: if you’re looking to cut through the harshness of black and white, incorporate some plants into your bathroom.

Natural Bathrooms

To achieve a modern bathroom look, choose natural, rustic touches and accessories such as light and dark woods, exposed bricks, copper pipes and touches of living greenery. To find out the best plants that will thrive in bathrooms, take a look at our article exploring the top 14 best bathroom plants. By combining these natural materials, you can create a  bathroom with depth that instantly feels relaxing. The key here is to invest in high-quality products but be careful not to overcrowd the space!

Natural Bathroom

Modern Means Minimalist

Arguably the most important thing a modern bathroom needs to be is tidy. Bathrooms are a place of peace and relaxation, so an organised space will help to de-stress the mind and promote feelings of calm. Minimalism is a key trend for 2023 and can be achieved with clean lines, limited accessories, lots of open space and a simple colour palette. 

3D Design

If you have the ideas but want to make your bathroom dreams a reality, why not have a chat with our 3D design experts? Our team offers expert planning and bespoke sourcing to help you plan the perfect bathroom.

That sums up our modern bathroom ideas! If you’re looking for more design inspiration, check out our small bathroom ideas for 2023.

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