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Best Shower Heads for 2023

A good shower head will make your shower experience feel like a luxury and not a chore! The most efficient shower heads are ones that have a powerful spray and give you that super clean, refreshed feeling. This article explores the best shower heads for 2023 and outlines how to choose the best shower head based on your needs, including low and high pressure handsets and rainfall showers.


Best Handheld Shower Heads for 2023

Best Fixed Heads for 2023

Best Electric Showers for 2023

Best High Pressure Showers for 2023

Best Low Pressure Shower  for 2023

The Latest Shower Heads for 2023

The most popular shower heads for 2023 include rain shower heads along with shower handsets to provide the most lavish shower experience. Since the pandemic, we've been spending more time in our homes than ever, so many people are opting for spa themed bathrooms which offer maximum levels of relaxation.

Our Favourite Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld shower heads are perfect for rinsing, and in instances when you may not need the power of a large shower head, for example when washing your hair in the bath. Cleaning is also made easier with handheld shower heads, as they're perfect for rinsing around the bath. The best idea for showers is to go for a handset along with a full shower head which will give you more of a luxurious shower experience. 

Our Favourite Fixed Heads

Fixed shower heads are becoming the most popular option for modern showers due to their minimalist style and lush shower experience that they provide. They are becoming less of a big-ticket luxury item and more of an affordable solution, so it's no wonder they're in demand! They are also easy to clean as they have no hose, unlike shower handsets and rail kits, which can be a hinderance as the hose is susceptible to limescale or mould, so having the head attached to the wall or ceiling is the preferred option.

Drench Slimline Square Thin Shower Head - Polished Chrome

This shower head is a firm favourite here at Drench, due to its minimalist, modern and efficient design. The chrome plated metal shower head is not only durable, but will look great in any modern or traditional bathroom.

The nozzles are also easy to clean, which makes it even easier to remove the limescale from your shower head.

It also includes a swivel ball joint which allows for easy adjustment of water flow direction, and a standard 1/2" thread to suit all standard shower arms.

Crosswater MPRO Shower Head - Matt Black

This beautiful matt black shower head will add a touch of class to your bathroom. It can be wall or ceiling mounted, giving you more opportunity to personalise it to your space.

Perfect for a relaxing and full-body-enveloping shower experience, the silicone nozzles are incredibly easy to clean, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your shower!

Constructed in robust and resistant brass, this shower head truly stands out thanks to it's sleek finish.

Top Picks for Electric Showers

Electric showers are beneficial for guaranteed hot water at any time of day and are highly energy efficient. These types of showers used to have a negative stigma of being cheap and tacky, but nowadays there are so many different types that you can know you’ll get a stylish and functional piece. These showers are great options for busy family bathrooms that can often be 1 in 1 out!

Many people are looking to save water & energy bills in 2023. Vado electric showers will not only update your bathroom, but provide an energy efficient solution as hot water is only produced on demand, therefore leaving no wastage. With soft press illuminated buttons, you can control the temperature and power your shower on and off with ease. Save water in style with our electric shower top picks: 

High-Pressure Shower Heads

To put it simply, if you have high water pressure, you'll have more choice of shower heads. The best high pressure shower heads for your bathroom include ones that make the most of your high pressure, such as rain shower heads alongside a handset or body jets. This will ensure a luxurious shower and the perfect combination of temperature and flow, which will put you in a full state of tranquillity!

Rainfall Shower Head

Which Shower Heads are Best For Low Water Pressure?

If you have a low water pressure, we recommend opting for shower heads with clever nozzle designs that offer spray settings to help work with the pressure and give you a powerful shower. It's important to remember that not all showers will work in every home, so finding out your water pressure is vital.

Some shower heads have air injection technology which infuse air and water, creating luxuriously silky water for the ultimate shower experience. These low pressure showers can reduce your water consumption by up to 50% which will also save you pennies! Here are some of our top low pressure shower heads for 2023:

Choosing the right shower head doesn't have to be difficult, all you need to do is find out what water pressure you're working with, affirm what you want your shower experience to be like, then decide on the design direction.

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