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Electric Showers

Electric showers can often get a reputation of being cheap and tacky, which generates an unfair negative stigma around them. Although it can be a cheap and cheerful for many, people often forget about the many benefits of an electric shower. Electrical showers offer guaranteed hot water at any time of day. Meaning you won’t ever have to worry about the timings of your showers again, and if your gas bills are a concern, these showers could be the perfect choice for you.

At Drench we sell a wide range of contemporary electric showers, so if style is your concern, you’re in safe hands. We offer a huge variety of different finishes, such as black and chrome electric showers. All of our electric showers are easy to use and are equipped with easy to clean shower heads. So, you won't have to clean them as often as thankfully, lime scale build up is a rare occurrence.

Pair your electric shower with a modern shower enclosure and shower tray for the perfect contemporary shower experience.

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