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Small Shower Room Ideas You'll Love

You can have a walk in shower in any small bathroom with the right know-how. Here's our guide to small shower room ideas and we're confident you'll find the solution for you!

Opting for a shower room is a great idea for smaller spaces where the possibility of a bath is unfeasible. You can have a walk in shower in any small bathroom if you have the right layout, enough space to move around and choose an appropriate shower enclosure.

As Megan Barrington, Interior Designer at Drench, says: "the smallest size for a shower room is just over 700mm x 700mm, as this is the smallest shower tray size, so it is vital that you allow room for the shower door to open, plus space to get in and out."

So, let's find out what are designers think make for the best small shower room ideas - from storage solutions to tile ideas.

Wet Rooms

Storage Solutions

Corner Shower Enclosures

En Suite Shower Room Ideas


1. Go for a Wet Room

If you want to open up your space, a wet room is a great idea for a small shower room, as you can forego a bulky enclosure. It's important to choose the right tiles, lighting and accessories for wet rooms, as you want to ensure that all products are water resistant. Contemporary wet rooms are the perfect option for small modern shower rooms and they will add value to your property. 

Wet Room Tiles

Wet room flooring has to be durable and resistant to water, and it's also crucial to install a wet room tray before you tile the floor. Mosaic flooring is most often used for wet rooms and other spaces such as pools or spas, as this will waterproof the shower stall and also look stylish and modern. Other options for wet room flooring include porcelain or natural stone tiles. The best wall tiles for wet rooms are ceramic tiles, and they have the added bonus of being a reflective surface to encourage light to spread around any small space.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great modern alternative to radiators and towel rails as it minimises the need for a clunky towel rail or radiator which may engulf the space, making it appear busy. This way, your shower room will be heated adequately to minimise mould & mildew and keep it nice and toasty for the colder months.

Small Shower Room Ideas
A wet room is the perfect solution for small spaces

2. Think Clever with Storage

The smaller the shower room, the less space it'll have for storage. These handy tips will help you to find solutions when storing your bathroom essentials if wall and floor space are tight.

Recessed Shelves

These are great for small shower rooms that lack space as they allow you to neatly tuck away your shower and bath products. There's nothing worse than a shower try that's littered with shampoo bottles, so this is a perfect, modern alternative. Recessed shower shelves also look modern and smart, and can be a feature for your small shower room as well as a storage hack.

Mirrored Cabinets

Storage can be difficult in small shower rooms, so mirrored cabinets are a perfect 2 in 1 option to provide enough storage for your bathroom essentials, and provide the essential mirror feature that many bathrooms require. Go one step further and opt for an illuminated mirrored cabinet to provide more vibrant light for those darker mornings and evenings.

Small Shower Room Ideas
Recessed shelving saves space and looks great in shower enclosures

3. Corner Shower Enclosures are Ideal

Corners are often empty spaces in bathrooms that can become dusty and dingy, however a corner shower enclosure utilises these spaces in a practical and fashionable manner.

Enclosures can range from walk in to hinged door types, and there are many styles to suit your bathroom scheme and size. We also have a range of quadrant or pentagonal shower trays in a range of sizes to suit your shower room's layout.

Shower Baskets

Wall mounted shower baskets & caddies are a great way to store shower products and keep them out of the way. Showers should be relaxing, therefore it's important to have an organised space to ensure peace of mind!

For long-lasting quality, we recommend opting for a polished stainless steel basket as it will last for years without rusting, even in the damp environment of a shower.

4. Furniture might still be an option

If you're lucky enough to have some room to play with in your shower room, opt for a cloakroom basin or slimline vanity unit to ensure a clutter free, minimalist space.

Going for a wall hung basin instead of a floorstanding vanity unit will open up space and look less bulky. 

We love these for a small bathroom.

5. Small Shower Room Ideas for your En Suite 

The minimum space you need for an en suite that includes a shower, basin and toilet is 800mm x 1800mm.

This ensures that you have enough room to move around, and for any sanitaryware to sit comfortably in the space. To make sure your en suite is stylish and functional, we've put together a few tips to ensure a beautiful shower room design.

Small Shower Room Ideas
Careful planning creates a perfect en suite shower room

Feature Shower Wall

Feature walls and floors are one of the best ways to give more character and depth to a narrow bathroom.

Megan adds: "feature shower walls are a great idea for small spaces as it gives more definition to the separate zones of the bathroom through tiles and colours. This ensures that the design has different dimensions and doesn't look washed out."

Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed shower heads are an integral part of showering due to their minimalist style, range of sizes & materials and affordable price. Fixed heads give a simple and sleek design and will fit perfectly in any small shower room, especially if it is mounted to the ceiling. Shower heads are available in a range of finishes such as matt black, brushed brass and chrome.

En Suite Colour Ideas

The best colours for en suites include neutral colours such as beige and off whites, as they will make a small, windowless space appear brighter and larger by bouncing light around the room. Metro tiles are also popular for en suites as they have a clean, minimalist effect and provide a stunning, modern finish.

6. Lighting is crucial for Small Shower Rooms

En suites and smaller bathrooms often lack natural light, so artificial lighting needs to be considered to ensure the room feels inviting and spacious. Avoid feature and pendant lights and go for more simple options that will complement the space.

Recessed Downlights

Downlights are a great, simple option for small shower rooms as they will provide ample light for your space and take up next to no room. With downlights, there is very little/no space between the light and the ceiling, so the full height of the room can be used, so these are the prefect option for small spaces.

Use Reflective Surfaces

Shiny surfaces such as gloss white tiles will carry light through the bathroom, giving a lighter and brighter finish. This is especially beneficial for small en suites that don't have any windows. Another great tip is to go for chrome assets, such as shower heads and taps, as these will also reflect light and inject more vibrancy into the space.

Small Shower Room Ideas
Cabinet lighting can really help to bring warmth to your small space

We hope these small shower room ideas have given you some inspiration to start planning one of your own. Check out our selection of products suitable for wet rooms, from modern glass panels to shower trays, and don't forget that our team are always on hand to offer product advice. 

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