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Bathroom Colour Ideas

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing your bathroom paint colours. Bathrooms should be a space for relaxation - somewhere to get ready for a fresh day and unwind at the end of it. In this article, we'll look at various bathroom colour ideas, from how to make a statement to creaing a relaxing, tranquil space.

In this article we'll take you through:

7 Chic Colour Ideas for Your Bathroom

If you're struggling with choosing your bathroom colours, this list of chic colour ideas will help you to choose your bathroom colour scheme.

Light Blues

Blue gives connotations of relaxation and calm, reflecting the colours of the sky and water. You don't want to overdo the blue when designing your bathroom, as this can make your bathroom look cold and uninviting. Try a blue feature wall, or a blue vanity unit to ensure the colour doesn't take over.

Light blue bathroom colour


Sophisticated and versatile, greige is becoming more popular for bathroom colour schemes - being a perfect balance between beige and grey. If you’re looking for bathroom colour ideas for a Scandinavian bathroom, neutral palettes are perfect for this. To avoid greige from washing out your space, layer the colour with other neutral hues or light woods. Why not throw in a bright coloured towel, or a matt black tap to add depth?

Greige bathroom colours

Shades of Green

Dark greens and sage are on trend bathroom paint colours for this year. Green is a colour of growth and nature, and has the power to make you feel enlivened and peaceful - what more do you need on a dreary morning?! Green looks especially great in traditional bathrooms when contrasted against white sanitary ware. 

Green bathroom colour ideas


When it comes to bold, deep bathroom paint colours, navy blue can create a beautiful contrast against whites and add a feeling of luxury to your bathroom setting. Navy blue adds more depth than lighter blues, but has the same tranquil effect. 

Navy blue bathroom colours


Playful and bright, pink bathroom colour schemes can give the illusion of more light in a bathroom as it enhances the natural light and adds an inviting allure. Pink doesn’t have to engulf the whole room; try out a pink vanity or a feature wall to add a splash of pink without it being too over the top. Light pink is a cool colour, so if you want a more warm feel, use earthy pinks such as terracotta or copper.

Pink Bathroom Colour Idea

White Neutrals

We couldn’t give you 7 chic bathroom colours without mentioning white! Being the perfect option to create a blank canvas and feelings of space, white is suited for small bathrooms. It’s deemed the most popular bathroom paint colour as it’s clean and fresh, which is why there’s so much choice of white furniture and tiles. However, white can look cold and bland if done incorrectly, so use an off-white and layer different tones to give more contrast.

White bathroom colour ideas


Make a statement! Black bathroom colours can look sophisticated and luxurious, but be wary as they can also darken your space. Instead, incorporate black with black fittings such as black taps and shower kits, or perhaps a dark feature tile wall to avoid black taking over the whole room.

How to Choose a Colour Scheme for Your Bathroom

It's important that your bathroom colours complement each other. Use these three tips to help you decide on your bathroom colour scheme.


Creating a moodboard is a great way to see how your bathroom colour scheme matches other furniture and elements in your bathroom. For example, a white minimalist suite will look great with a contrasting wall colour such as navy or sage green. If you want a more vibrant bathroom design with fun accessories, prints and plants, go for a neutral colour scheme such as a light grey to avoid an overly busy look. If you want a playful, family space, choose a light pink or baby blue, and if you fancy a more indulgent space choose dark purples or navy.

Use the Colour Wheel

Another way to choose bathroom colours is by using the colour wheel, as this will help you to see which colours complement each other. Colours opposite each other, such as orange and blue, will create a bold, contrasting look, whereas colours next to each other, such as green and blue, blend well together. Once you've decided on the hue, layering different shades of that colour will give your bathroom more texture and depth.

Natural Light

Judging how much natural light you have available will help you when deciding on your bathroom colour ideas. If you have a windowless space, it's best to choose lighter, neutral colours in order to liven up your space. Try to avoid dark colours such as black and navy as this can give your bathroom a dark, uninviting look. 

On-Trend Bathroom Colours for 2023

The on trend bathroom colours for 2023 include warm neutrals, pale blues and sage greens. Keep reading to discover how to keep your bathroom design on trend!

Warm Neutrals

For a Scandinavian look, neutrals and light woods are heavily on trend; Scandi spaces often have hints of nature with the use of plants, clean lines and natural materials. Off whites and greige tones are the perfect base for a Scandi bathroom, making it easy to build upon with bathroom accessories.

Neutral bathroom colour idea

Contrasting Tiles

Wall and floor tiles should complement each other, but not match. Using the same coloured tile all around your bathroom will make the space feel closed up, so contrasting two different styles can work super well as long as long as they possess a similar tone.

Sage Green

Sage green bathroom colours are something we're seeing a lot in our customers' bathrooms. Megan Barrington an Interior Designer here at Drench suggests:

"Sage green and brass are a winning combo - brass brings warmer tones to the scheme, whilst the green provides a backdrop to allow the brass to pop against it. This combo also works really well with natural textures like woods and wicker. Moodboards can help to match up colours, textures and patterns, and you'll be able to see what works well together almost instantly. Colour inspiration can come from anywhere!"

Sage green bathroom colour moodboard

Bathroom Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is back on trend! There are many more varieties of splash proof wallpaper becoming available and a range of designs and textures, from floral prints to neutral tones.  However be aware that wallpaper can be more difficult to keep clean than tiles.

Green Bathroom Wallpaper

The Best Bathroom Colours for Small Bathrooms

Small and narrow bathrooms are best suited to lighter shades of paint including blues, greys and off whites.

The simpler the better! 

If you have a small bathroom, going for lighter colours such as greys and off whites will help to give the illusion of a larger space;  white reflects light instead of absorbing it, so will brighten a smaller space. Going too busy with contrasting colours and tiles will make your small space look too cluttered.

Split Colour Schemes

Layers and split colour schemes are a great option for small bathrooms as this will add texture and make your bathroom appear larger. Panelling is a great option for this, which is a trend we've been seeing a lot of, as it helps to give your small bathroom more character. Take a look at this small bathroom, which combines white panelling with a coloured wallpaper:

Bathroom Floor Colour Ideas

Bathroom floor colours are just as important as wall colours! Here you can find out how to style your bathroom floor with the rest of your suite.

Light Woods

Tiles that look like hard wood are a popular choice and often come in planks which are easier to clean than tiles. Light wooden floors will create a natural vibe for your bathroom, and it's a versatile finish which will match with almost any bathroom colour scheme, giving the look of a spa bathroom. 

Bathroom floor tiles

Neutral Floors

Neutral colours are very popular for bathroom floors as they can make your space look larger. Lighter floor colours can make your features stand out, so if you have a feature tile wall or a large vanity unit, a muted floor colour will look super inviting and show off your feature pieces.

Scintilla Tiles

Try out a feature floor! Patterned tiles are super popular and are guaranteed to add a jazzy vibe to your bathroom. Whether you're going for a traditional or modern bathroom scheme, scintilla tiles will add another layer of texture and a touch of fun to your bathroom.

Bathroom floor tiles

Adding colour to your bathroom will not only add character to your space, but increase the value of your bathroom. Neutral colours and muted tones are popular bathroom colours for 2023, as well as feature walls and floors which add layers of character. Many people are spending more time in their bathrooms more than ever, so a welcoming and inviting place for relaxation is the key here. Here at Drench, you can shop by colour to help you find what you’re looking for with ease.

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