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Quadrant Trays

Quadrant shower trays have one curved corner and 2 flat edges, allowing them to be tucked neatly into a corner of the room. You will want to think about the size required. For smaller rooms, quadrant trays are available in 800mm and 900mm sizes, as well as 'offset' quadrants, which have one longer and one shorter side. The most common offset quadrant trays measure 1200 x 800, or 1200 x 900mm, giving you a really spacious shower enclosure.

Quadrant trays are most often made from a core of stone resin and capped with a layer of acrylic sheet. This offers the best of both worlds - strength and rigidity; and a warm, practical and easy-to-clean surface. That said, you'll also find quadrant trays made from ceramic for a better match with your sanitaryware; as well as slate and stone options in a variety of colours. Naturally these materials cost a little bit more, but in turn they create that feeling of luxury that justifies their choice.

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