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Wetroom Shower Trays

Wetrooms are becoming an increasingly popular addition in many modern households meaning wetroom shower trays are also increasing in demand. We offer a reliable selection of wetroom shower trays and wetroom shower tray formers that all have a slightly built in gradient to allow for fast drainage without the chance of any water pooling.

Level access showers and wetrooms can be achieved using wetroom shower tray formers and many of the shower tray formers the we offer can be cut to any size, so virtually any shape is possible if you need to fit your wetroom shower tray in a small or awkward place. Level access showers and wetrooms are perfect for practicality and for those people who have reduced mobility and need an extra bit of reliability and stability, so each shower tray former will provide high quality durability and the perfect surface to achieve a completely flushed tiled floor finish, unless you decide you want above floor installation and raise the shower tray using a substrate element to produce a raised area.

Each wetroom shower tray is from a respected manufacturer, and a select few of our shower trays come with installation and waterproofing kits, so that you can achieve a perfectly fitted and water tight wetroom.

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