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Water Saving Shower Heads

As there are more and more of us in the world, water scarcity is becoming an increasingly important issue. It’s been estimated that the average person in the UK uses approximately 150 litres of water a day, and demand for water is currently growing at 1% per year. Figures like this are a stark reminder that water shortages aren’t just happening abroad, but are also an issue in the UK. 

For the majority of people, a daily shower is probably their biggest usage of water, which is why it’s an excellent place to start saving. One of the easiest ways you can do this is with a water saving shower head. In this article we’ll outline how they work and the options you have alongside a few other ways you can cut your water consumption. 


How Can Shower Heads Save Water?

A shower head can help reduce your water consumption by up to 50% by either regulating the flow of water through the shower head, or adding air to the water. Both of these will allow you to have a great shower whilst using less water.


Aerator Shower Heads

Aerator shower heads mix air with the flow of water to create larger droplets. As a result, it will appear and feel as though there is more water coming out of the shower head than there really is. You can therefore have a luxuriously silky shower experience, while using as much as 50% less water.

Flow Regulators

Flow regulators are another easy way to reduce the amount of water your shower consumes. 

Due to an improvement in boiler technology, many homes in the UK now have high levels of water pressure. Although this can produce a great shower experience, it also means you might be using more water than is required each time you shower. Adding a flow regulator to your shower head will reduce the flow to the level that’s needed for a great shower, whilst reducing water usage.

Other Ways To Save Water In The Shower

Other than the two we’ve already mentioned, there are a number of other ways you can save water in your shower which won't have an effect on your shower experience. 

Adjustable Shower Heads

An adjustable shower head can help you improve your shower experience, without needing to increase the amount of water you use. 

Adjustable shower heads allow you to change the flow of water through the shower head to increase or decrease the flow. Some settings will push the water through a smaller number of holes, which will have the effect of increasing the strength of the flow. This works in a similar way to the increase in pressure when you put your finger over your garden hose. 

Although this won’t help you save water directly, it will allow you to enjoy a stronger shower experience using the same amount of water.

Keep Your Shower Head Clean

Another easy way to improve the performance of your shower head is keeping it clean. Shower heads can become clogged up with limescale and mineral deposits, particularly in hard water areas. If this limescale blocks the nozzles, you'll need to turn up the power on your shower to get the same flow. Even worse, if the nozzles are directing water sideways, this water will be diverted away from you and go straight down the plug hole. 

Cleaning your shower head will ensure it continues to work at its best without wasting any water. If you're not sure how to clean your shower head, take a look at our guide.

cleaning a shower head with sponge
Use Water Saving Settings

Many shower valves now include a setting which runs your shower at a lower flow rate. A lot of showers run at a level which isn’t necessary for a good shower experience, so running at a lower flow rate if your home water pressure allows will help you save water and money.


Time Your Showers

Whether it’s been a long day at work or your bathroom is cold, sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice long shower. However, having a long shower regularly can lead to large amounts of water wastage.

If you want to cut down your shower time and save water, think about having a clock somewhere in your bathroom so you can keep an eye on how long you’ve been. Even better, pick up a Bluetooth mirror and keep your daily shower as short as your favourite song!

That concludes our guide to water saving shower heads. If you want to start saving water in your home, take a look at our complete guide to saving water.

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