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Illuminated Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors with LED lights not only illuminate your bathroom with gentle and subtle lighting, they also boast longevity and sleek style. LED illumination brings out the beauty of any mirror, drawing attention to the sleek design of our mirrors. For these reasons bathroom mirrors with lights have been becoming increasing popular in recent years.

Dragging yourself out of bed on a Monday morning is tough at the best of days, so you deserve much better to then enter a bathroom with harsh lighting. Our illuminated options allow you to ease your way into the day, thus making LED mirrors an essential addition to any bathroom.

At Drench we offer plenty of both halogen and LED illuminated versions. Our mirrors are feature rich, with many of these products boasting high tech features such as digital clocks, heated demister pads and Bluetooth speakers. These mirrors are all supplied from leading brands such as Bauhaus, HiB and Roper Rhodes, assuring you of a high quality and reliable product.

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