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Bathroom Mirrors

A bathroom is not complete without a mirror, that’s a fact. It’s important to choose a mirror based on both your needs and also the style of your bathroom. A large vanity unit looks best with an equally large bathroom mirror sitting above. Whereas a compact bathroom suits a smaller option, or even something different like a round or oval mirror. Regardless of whether you’re looking for modern or traditional styles, you’re assured of a luxurious and high quality mirror here at Drench. This is because all of our mirrors are provided by leading brands such as Arcade, Crosswater, HiB and Roper Rhodes.

From the conventional rectangular shapes with LED lights through to traditional non illuminated mirrors, we have a fantastic range at unbeatable prices.

We also are proud to say that we have a selection of Bluetooth bathroom mirrors. New in technology, they allow for you to connect your phone and play music from your mirror. With its integrated stereo system, you can enjoy your music through your Bluetooth mirror either in the bath, shower, whilst on the toilet or even whilst just cleaning your bathroom! It’s the perfect gift for anyone technologically savvy.

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