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Our Experts Recommend the Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas

We asked our experts to recommend the best bathroom lighting ideas for all types of bathroom. Whether you're looking for feature lighting, wall lighting or more subtle lighting, this guide will shed light on it all! 

Adding more lighting to your bathroom can be done by installing a combination of light sources such as feature lights, recessed downlights or spotlights. Having different light sources will enhance your bathroom design and amplify the brightness needed for various bathroom tasks! 

This article will take you through the best bathroom lighting ideas to add a modern touch to your space.

What Type of Lighting is Best for Bathrooms?

Bathroom Wall Lights

LED Bathroom Mirrors

Ceiling Light Ideas

Small Bathroom Lighting Ideas

What Type of Lighting is Best for Bathrooms?

The best type of lighting for bathrooms is something that will be bright all year round, as well as low level illumination lighting for those peaceful evenings. Before you start planning your lighting, it’s essential to know about bathroom electrical zones to ensure all electrical fittings have the correct IP rating.

IP Ratings Explained

You might not be surprised to hear that electricity and water don't mix! That's why your bathroom lights need to be IP rated. There are 3 zones to be aware of which essentially signify how close they will be to water.

An IP rating can be found within the product specification of any light you're buying and will have two digits after 'IP'. The first digit (0-6) refers to the object's protection against things like dust. The second (0-8) tells you how well it is protected from water. This applies to general humidity or complete submersion.

  • Zone 0: ​This zone applies to anywhere that will be submerged in water like inside a shower enclosure or within the bathtub. Electrical appliances in this zone must meet a rating of IP67
  • Zone 1: is the area above the bath or shower to a height of 2.25m from the floor. Use light with IP65
  • Zone 2: is the 60 cm perimeter of the sink and bath (height of 2.25m) We suggest IP44
  • Outside zones: This is where no water spray is likely. No specific IP requirements here but we suggested at least IP20+

Now, the safety chat is done and dusted. Let's take a look at some of the best and quite frankly, stunning bathroom lighting ideas.

1. Bathroom Wall Lights

Bathroom lighting has to work for any time of day and mood. There are many different options for wall lights, from modern to traditional, and they can be used to highlight shadowy areas or simply to add a feature aspect to your bathroom.

Traditional Wall Mounted Lights

If you’re looking to add an elegant, finishing touch to your bathroom, a traditional wall light may be the perfect accompaniment to create an inviting space. Take a look at our selection of Burlington wall lights that would look great either side of a mirror. Traditional bathrooms are still massively on trend, and wall mounted lights are great to highlight mirrors and frames.

bathroom lighting ideas
Traditional wall lights are functional and add to design too

Industrial Lights

Industrial fittings such as exposed bulbs and vintage pendants add a rustic twist on modern bathrooms. Finishes such as pewter, brass and matt black are popular to give a timeless, industrial style. Check out our guide on industrial bathroom design to discover what materials and fittings complement each other.

LED Recessed Lighting

LED lighting is great for eliminating shadows and highlighting parts of your bathroom that may otherwise be shaded. Many people are installing recessed shelves in showers to keep bathroom essentials neatly tucked away, and this is the perfect opportunity to install recessed lights to keep this area bright. It’s important that any lights installed in a zone 1 area of your bathroom have an IP rating of IPX4 (splash proof) or better, as well as a maximum of 12 volts (SELV).

bathroom lighting ideas
Install recessed shelving with LED lighting for neat storage and subtle mood lighting

2. Bathroom Mirror Lighting Ideas

Mirrors are a focal point of your morning and evening routine. So, having a bright light - or task lighting- around mirrors is important for when carrying out self care activities such as shaving and applying makeup. Therefore, the best lights for bathroom mirrors are those that cast no shadows, and will be bright at all times of the day.

Illuminated Mirrors 

Some of the best bathroom lighting ideas include illuminated mirrors & cabinets, which are a popular choice with our customers. These are great for a 2 in 1 aspect, as they give a modern, minimalist vibe to your bathroom but are also very practical. Consider an illuminated mirror for small bathrooms where space is limited, and go for a demisting option for bathrooms that may not be well ventilated.

LED Mirror Lights

Illuminating the key features of your bathroom, especially the area around your basin, is vital. Since mirrors are crucial parts of bathroom design, mirror lights are a great addition to add light above mirrors that aren’t illuminated. Try matching the mirror light with the frame of your mirror and other fittings. These lights can also be used to highlight frames and prints on your walls.

3. Ceiling Light Ideas

The most popular ceiling lights for bathrooms include spotlights and recessed downlights. Large bathrooms can benefit from feature lights and chandeliers to add character to the space.


Spotlights with dimmer settings are popular options for bathroom ceiling lights. Spotlights can provide a lot of illumination in specific areas, and are great for adding more vibrancy to your space. The design is often minimalist and can blend in with almost any scheme, and spotlights are often adjustable which allows you to provide higher levels of illumination in specific places. Take our Pro-Light dimmable downlight for example, this light gives you the option to choose between warm white, white and daylight.

Recessed Downlights

Downlights are a perfect, simple option that are well suited to almost any bathroom design. Recessed downlights give the effect of a spa themed bathroom and are a great option to create a relaxing, minimalist space where you don’t necessarily want to make a statement.

bathroom lighting ideas
Spotlights are great for adding more vibrancy to your space

Feature Lights

If you want to go bold with your bathroom lighting, feature lights such as pendants and chandeliers can add an edge to your design. Many people choose to make a statement with a large ceiling light and this can be a great option for adding more textures and colours to your design.

Dimmable & Smart Lighting

More and more people are opting for adjustable, smart lighting in their bathrooms. The best smart bathroom lighting includes options for colour temperature, from warm white to a cool tone, which can suit all times of day. Warmer whites are great for evening relaxation, but cool/daylight tones are more effective for dark mornings when you need some illumination. Dimmer lights are also great for the bathroom as they’re versatile, and the levels of brightness can be adjusted.

bathroom lighting ideas
Feature lights such as pendants and chandeliers can add an edge to your design

4. Lighting Up a Small Bathroom

Many small bathrooms lack natural light, so the best lighting for small bathrooms include bright, recessed downlights to give the illusion of a brighter and larger space. Spotlights are also good options for small bathrooms as they take up little amounts of space.

Small Recessed Downlights

One large advantage of downlights is that there is very little/no space between the light and the ceiling, so the full height of the room can be used. This is advantageous for small bathrooms where space is limited. Avoid going for large feature lights and pendants, as this may look too busy in a small bathroom.

bathroom lighting ideas
Lighting up small bathrooms is crucial

Brightness is Key  

Many small bathrooms and cloakrooms lack windows and natural light, therefore it’s crucial to get bathroom lighting right. Small bathrooms can benefit from bright LED lights, mirror lights and illuminated mirrors, as bouncing light around the room is a great way to make small bathrooms appear larger. Painting your walls lighter colours such as pale blues and pinks also helps to keep your small bathroom looking fresh and bright. Check out our guide on how to make a windowless room brighter for some top tips.

Illuminated Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets  

Another aspect small bathrooms lack is space. Illuminated mirrors and cabinets are great to light up a small bathroom as they save on wall space, due to having the light, mirror and storage all in one place.  These mirrors are super functional with USB charging points and even colour changing LEDs.

There are so many options for bathroom lighting nowadays, and many ways you can customise your space with light - whether you want a lively family bathroom, or a subdued, ambient bathroom made for relaxation. Our selection of bathroom lighting and illuminated mirrors or cabinets will help you to find your perfect fit.

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