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Black Showers Buying Guide

Matt black is a modern, versatile finish, making it one of the most popular choices for showers, taps and bathroom accessories. In this blog, we’ll go through some of our top black shower heads, handsets, enclosures and more to give you all the inspiration and knowledge you’ll need to create your own black bathroom design.

If you’re going for matt black assets in your bathroom but are not sure how to style it, we'll also offer design ideas and advice for how to pair black with other colours and finishes.


Black Shower Heads 

Black Shower Handsets

Black Shower Enclosures & Doors

Black Shower Kits

Black Shower Valves

Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Fixed Heads 

Opting for a fixed head rather than a rigid riser kit, you'll achieve a more minimalist look, which is a great idea for small bathrooms or en-suites where you want to avoid the space looking too cluttered. We have a great selection of matt black fixed heads to perfectly complement any bathroom design and provide a modern, stylish aesthetic. Choose between a ceiling mounted or wall mounted shower head by selecting one of our matt black shower arms to turn your shower into a stand out feature.

For something a little different, perhaps consider a brushed black finish for an alternative take on black bathroom design. If you prefer a slightly more understated finish, brushed black is a great option here, and adds a more polished finish rather than matt.

Shop all of our black fixed heads here.

Shower Handsets 

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to transform your daily shower is to replace your shower handset. Switching an old fashioned, limescale ridden handset with a modern matt black version will do wonders for your bathroom! It's also super easy to unscrew your existing handset and replace it with something a more stylish model. It's important to remember to avoid using harsh chemicals or scouring pads when cleaning matt black - check out our guide on how to clean matt black taps for more details.

Pair a matt black handset with a black shower hose, rail kit and fixed head to achieve a striking, modern look and match it with tiles to create a monochrome bathroom, or something a little different such as light pink or blue to complement the black further.

Shop all of our black shower handsets here.

Crosswater MPRO Shower Handset with Wall Outlet & Hose - Matt Black

This wall mounted shower handset by Crosswater is a popular choice here at Drench thanks to its minimalist design and smooth efficiency. Stylishly slim and finished in a sleek matt black, this handset is an eye-catching bathroom accessory that will modernise your shower by giving it an added touch of luxury.

The handset has a solid construction of brass, so it's not only stylish but has excellent durability on its side too. Handsets are great for keeping your bath or shower tray clean, and add that extra luxury to your bathing routine, being apt for those instances when you're in the bath and need to wash your hair!

Pair this handset with a fixed shower head, valve and bath taps to create the perfect shower scene.

VOS Shower Handset Matt Black

The VOS shower handset is the perfect compromise between modern and traditional thanks to its rounded design, making it a versatile option for many bathroom styles. This handset goes to show that luxury doesn't have to mean expensive - you can get a stylish and efficient design without spending a fortune.

With easy clean nozzles to prevent limescale and grime build up, you'll be able to spend less time cleaning your shower and more time enjoying it! The minimum water pressure required for this product is 0.5 so it's important to keep this in mind when buying.

Pair this handset with a hose, slide rail and a fixed head and you'll achieve a modern shower space.

Shower Doors & Enclosures

Nothing screams modern like a black shower enclosure, so it's no wonder that black is a trending colour for 2021. A black framed shower enclosure or shower door will add a striking depth without the colour taking over the whole room, and has the ability to look great alongside various different wall or floor tiles. We have a range of shower doors and enclosures in different shapes and sizes, so you'll haven o trouble finding the perfect fit for your bathroom. Once you’ve chosen your shower enclosure, complete the look with a black shower head or black shower kit.

Shop all of our black shower enclosures here.

Shower Kits

If you're looking for the whole package, a shower kit will is the perfect option to provide all the components that you'll need, and it's an easy way to ensure all your shower items match. Our black shower kits and bundles feature a shower head, riser rail and valves, so you can get everything you need in one set, without having to shop around for compatible items.

Black shower kits look great against a multitude of different tiles and finishes, making them a great choice for those wanting to create a contemporary bathroom. Choose between a shower kit with a fixed head, handset and valve, or simply a riser rail, valve and handset, the choice is yours!

Shop our range of black shower kits here.

Shower Valves

Pairing your black shower with a perfect valve has never been easier - we have a wide range of matt black shower valves, from thermostatic and concealed valves, to 2 way diverters to help control the flow of water. Thermostatic valves are the most popular type of shower control we supply as they regulate the temperature of water to ensure very hot or cold spurts. 

Black Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern yet minimalist, black bathroom design is perfect for anyone looking to break away from traditional bathroom colours and make a statement in their space. Matt black adds a modern touch to bathroom design and a dark elegance that you wouldn't attain from chrome fittings.

It's important to remember that if you style a matt black shower against other dark colours such as navy blue or grey, you'll lose the striking beauty of the matt black shower itself, so it's best to pair with lighter coloured tiles - try traditional metro tiles or more modern terrazzo, or even marble tiles to create a dream balance and a stylish space.

If you have a small bathroom, monochrome bathrooms are a great option here, as the white tiles open up the space and black assets will add some depth.

Monochrome Bathroom

It's plain to see why more people are choosing matt black finishes instead of chrome, as it effortlessly modernises any space. Take a look at our page dedicated to all things black showers where you'll find an extensive product selection to help you find your perfect match.

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