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Roll Top & Slipper

Roll top baths can make a real statement in your bathroom. With easy Victorian-style charm and elegance, as well as an abundance of beautiful options in both traditional and even more modern designs, there's a slipper bath centrepiece ready-made for your bathroom right here.

You'll find a great selection of small roll top baths, including 1600mm lengths, and even 1500mm baby roll top sizes. We've also selected a handful or roll top shower baths, offering that space-saving dual purpose bath with shower combination but retaining a traditional look - perfect for period properties where space is at a premium. You'll also want to think about whether or not you want a single-ended or double-ended slipper bath. Single-ended models have the waste and tap position at the end, whereas double-ended varieties have a central waste position and are perfectly suited for 2.

Finally, consider what finish best suits your bathroom. Nowadays, you'll discover standard white acrylic or stone varieties, as well as black, copper, and even paint-you-own colours. The difficult part is narrowing your search down to just one! Shop luxury traditional roll tops and slipper bathtubs, on sale now at Drench.

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