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When deciding on a bathtub for your bathroom, there are many considerations. This includes sizes, style, shape and material. Whether you’re choosing a freestanding bathtub, a slipper bathtub, a corner bath etc. it’s important to know what material your bath is made out of.

Different bathtubs have different properties. For example acrylic baths use fibreglass sheets for reinforcement and are a lot lighter in weight when compared to an iron or steel bathtub. A cast iron bathtub is extremely resilient to chipping, scratches, dents and also most types of chemicals. The heaviness of the material also means that the water’s heat is retained more efficiently. However with all of these benefits there are also some downsides, cast iron bathtubs usually require extra labour and extra floor reinforcement in order to install. A steel bathtub is also very easy to clean and has good durable attributes.

This is, of course, only just scratching the surface of the different features of each bathtub material. Anyway, regardless of the material you choose, just know that you are assured a luxury bathtub and long lasting reliability. We only stock the best at Drench.

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