Shower Baths

The shower bath is very popular, most likely because Britain's bathrooms are notoriously small, and this type of bath cleverly provides the relaxation of a soak in the tub with the more practical side of showering. We stock a leading range of both 'P-shaped' shower baths with a conventional curve-fronted end for added showering space; as well as its more angular, contemporary cousin, the 'L-shaped' shower bath, with a squared-off end instead of the curve. The one you opt for will of course be dictated by the overall style you're going for in your bathroom. If it's a modern, angular look then the L-shaped version works perfectly and allows plenty of space for both showering and bathing. For a more curvaceous feel, the P-shape will likely be your choice.

You can of course add your choice of bath screen to any standard straight bath to achieve a similar end result, albeit with the added space created by one end being larger than the other, as is the case with the purpose-made shower bath.