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Corner & Back to Wall Baths

Designed to fit neatly into the corner of your bathroom and a quirky alternative to the standard bath, corner baths are a great choice when you need to save on space. There are small corner baths available that tuck neatly and unobtrusively away, as well as larger offset corner baths with one longer side and one shorter side. Available in a range of different sizes and styles, all of our corner baths are sourced from leading manufacturers renowned for their use of quality materials, aesthetic design and long guarantees.

A back to wall bath sits in the middle of your room and is a stylish alternative to a straight bath. From the front, back to the wall baths almost look freestanding and they're a great alternative in smaller rooms. Usually double ended, these baths are perfect for long soaks - the larger bath edge also works great as a candle or wine holder!

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