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Stone Baths

When looking for a luxury bath that radiates beauty, stone baths are your best bet. With powerful designs that will forever look striking, these stone freestanding baths will poise themselves elegantly in your bathroom. Also, these baths are available in a number of different styles. Pick either a Freestanding Bath, Double Ended Bath, Slipper Baths, Roll Top Baths or our Back to Wall Baths. With our vast selection, you are sure to find the perfect bath for you.

Benefits of purchasing a gorgeous stone bath include great heat retention, and a stunning centerpiece in your home and also they come in a variety of shapes; Oval, round and square styles. You can also choose the material that your stone bath is made from. These include options like brass, cast mineral marble, clear stone, or our natural stone baths.

These baths have been supplied to us by well established suppliers who provide some of the best quality bath products.

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