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Our Top Roll Top & Slipper Baths Chosen By You

Most of us could put our hands up to burning a few minutes a day flipping through social media posts such as Instagram and Pinterest. We are all guilty of putting our noses in other people's lifestyles. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - it’s all about appreciation and gleaming from those all-important ideas.

So whether you're looking for a traditional roll top bath or a modern slipper bath, we would like to share with you our bestselling roll top baths and slipper baths. Chosen by you. Our customers.

But before we delve into these hugely successful bathtub options, we thought it would be fitting to let you know exactly what is a roll top bath. And equally, what are slipper baths?

What are roll top and slipper baths?

When talking about roll top baths, a freestanding bath with feet generally comes to mind. They first became widely popular in homes around Britain way back in the late 1800’s. However, they were mainly associated with the British aristocracy about a hundred years prior to the introduction into civilian homes.

The “roll top” name quite simply comes from the elegant, curved design that provides comfort and ease of entering and exiting the bathtub.

The slipper style bathtub is somewhat similar to that of the roll top bath. However, as you would expect, the name is derived from the fact that it is shaped like a slipper. The popular design being the double ended slipper bath, allowing a pair to enjoy luxury bath times together.

Aside from the use of metal components, natural stone such as granite and volcanic stone are also widely favoured when it comes to roll top baths and slipper baths. Another commonly used material is acrylic. It’s on the lower end of the price chart but still produces gorgeous, long-lasting bath tubs.

Your Favourites

It can be pretty damn tricky to choose a new bathtub online, especially when you don’t have much of an idea if the bath is any good, or equally if the company you’re buying it from is really trustworthy. So to make things easier, here are our best roll top and slipper baths chosen by previous customers as their honest favourites:

Burlington Windsor Roll Top Bath With Luxury Feet

Kicking the list off is the Burlington Windsor. The name alone will flood your mind with royal excitement. These roll top baths are uniquely built from Lucite Acrylic. A high grade acrylic material that is both lightweight and shatter-resistant. This gives these traditional freestanding baths a stunning shine and will serve up blissful baths for many generations to come.

For the spacious bathroom, if you’re looking for free standing bath ideas with a feel of traditional Victorian bathrooms - the 1700mm Burlington Windsor roll top bath is a classy choice to consider. This beautiful bath comes with a choice of 3 different styles of feet, in 3 different colours to match your space.

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, there is a more compact freestanding bath option for the Windsor. Measuring up at a length of only 1500mm, this roll top bath fits perfectly into small traditional bathrooms.

Burlington Harewood Slipper Bath With Luxury Feet

The Burlington Harewood is a slipper roll top bath that simply oozes with charisma. You and your guests might even find yourselves plastered to the bathroom floor, just staring with amazement at its sheer beauty.

Similar to the previous two bathtubs, the Harewood has been meticulously forged using premium Lucite Acrylic. Burlington have used two layers to create what they call a Twin Skin Fused Reinforced bath. So no longer will you have to top-up your bathtub with hot water halfway through bath time as the temperature begins to plummet to icy levels!

The Harewood freestanding slipper bath has a simply gorgeous Edwardian style, and even though it’s a single ended slipper design, there’s still plenty of room for two of you to cuddle up on the sloping end of the tub.

BC Designs Slipp Freestanding Bath

BC Designs proudly brings you the Slipp. A contemporary slipper bath design that has the simplest of looks, yet screams pure elegance. The perfect complement if you’re in search of small deep bathtubs for small bathrooms.

BC Designs have used an innovative Acrymite system in creating the Slipp. A method where twin sheets of acrylic are combined together, resulting in a highly durable and heat retaining bathtub. The acrylic skin makes it possible to have these short baths for small bathrooms, without really compromising on bathing space. Plus there’s plenty of room for little ones to go diving for treasure!

Burlington Blenheim Roll Top Bath With Luxury Feet

All great things come to an end. And so, to wrap up our bestsellers, we have the decadent Burlington Blenheim roll top bath. Similar to the first three baths on our list, the Blenheim has been crafted using Lucite Acrylic, a material that we’re sure you’re never going to forget after today.

But the fun certainly doesn’t stop there. If you’re looking for a roll top bath with a colour to match the rest of your bathroom, these Burlington bathtubs can be easily painted, so simply get out your paint brush and splash away.

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