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Acrylic Baths

At Drench, we stock plenty of luxury bathtubs, in a range of materials, acrylic being one of them! Over time manufacturers have perfected the construction of acrylic baths, from once being perceived as flimsy and unreliable, to now being recognised as being just as strong as some steel and cast iron bathtubs.

A reinforced acrylic bath boasts many benefits, for example they weigh considerably less than other bathtubs. The average acrylic bath weighs around 50 kilos whereas a cast iron or steel bath can sometimes weigh in excess of 200 kilos. The lifespan of an acrylic bath can be significant; if installed properly and cared for, these bath tubs can sometimes last to up to 30 years. You also need not worry about discolouration of these luxury bathtubs, acrylic baths are coloured when in a raw state by a colour fast process. This process ensures an even colouring, which the bathtub will maintain for many years. Available in many styles, including corner, slipper and freestanding acrylic baths.

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