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A Guide To Heating In The Bathroom

When it comes to keeping your bathroom nice and toasty, you might have one or two questions regarding the most suitable heating options. Not to worry, that’s where we step in with our handy guide to all the different types of bathroom heating!

Being inundated with a bunch of types of bathroom heating and a plethora of technical terms certainly isn’t helpful during the search, so let’s get stuck into the nitty gritty and find the right bathroom heating solutions for you.


Things To Consider:

What Size Radiator Do I Need For My Bathroom?

Heating your bathroom, no matter the size, isn’t dependant on the obvious visual size of the radiator, but instead its BTU - or British Thermal Units. In order to find an effective bathroom heating solution to warm up your room, you’ll need to calculate the required BTU for that room.

Once you have the BTU you need to heat your bathroom, be sure to check that the bathroom heated towel rail or other products you get match this! As a general rule, the larger the room the higher the BTU required, but it’s always good to be absolutely certain on the numbers anyway.

If you’re struggling for space then smaller towel radiators with a high BTU are a great option, or for a totally space-saving design, having a heated bathroom floor could be the way to go.



Removing an old, tired radiator or heated towel rail might seem like a lovely idea at first, until you realise it means a touch of re-tiling is required. There are easy ways to get around this though, such as selecting a new radiator of the same size (or bigger) to save money on covering any empty tile space, or simply popping in a feature tile wall and turning a bit of hassle into a statement bathroom decor project!



Existing electrical connections and plumbing

We’d always recommend seeking advice from your contractors when it comes to altering the electrical and plumbing bits of your bathroom heating solutions. If you’re after a heated bathroom floor then installing underfloor heating can be quite a hassle if you aren’t looking for a serious re-model or don’t fancy tearing up the floor. And if you’re switching from a plumbed-in product to an electric towel radiator, you’ll need to let an expert take care of the hard work - sounds like the perfect opportunity for a cuppa and a rest if you ask us!


Dual Fuel, Electric, or Plumbed?

Dual Fuel, Electric, or Plumbed bathroom heating: these are your three options when it comes to heated towel rails and bathroom radiators, so it’s important to get the low-down on each specific type to help you find what’s best for you.



Dual Fuel Towel Radiators

Dual Fuel radiators are effectively the pinnacle of efficiency when it comes to the world of bathroom heated towel rails. These beauties are hooked up to both your central heating and a separate electric switch for maximum convenience. This means you can have them turned on with your heating during those colder months to keep the whole house cosy, and then when things get a little sticky in summer you can warm up your bathroom without having to switch on the central heating and turn the house into a makeshift sauna.


Electric Towel Radiators

Those who love total control over their home heating will be all too familiar with those days where the bathroom is simply too hot or too cold and seemingly impossible to regulate. That’s where electric towel radiators become your best friend; thanks to their sole switch function, there’s no need to turn up or down the central heating of your entire home, and you can kiss that constant turning of the valve goodbye too. With electric towel rails you singularly control your bathroom heating, making achieving the optimum temperature almost too easy. 

Electric towel radiators also heat up much faster than plumbed radiators so if you’re in need of a warm bathroom stat, electric towel rails are an excellent choice.


Plumbed Bathroom Heating

Of course, there’s something to be said for simplicity in bathroom design too, and getting your hands on some luxurious plumbed bathroom heating solutions is bound to keep you smiling. 

Once your towel / bathroom radiator is plumbed in, there’s no need to worry about flicking any switches or focusing on your bathroom individually, as the central heating takes care of keeping your bathroom cosy.


Heated Towel Rails

Can A Towel Rail Heat a Bathroom?

Investing in a heated towel radiator is the perfect way to achieve your preferred temperature in the bathroom with great ease, and offers a stylish way to warm your towels that doesn’t involve sticking them in the back of a cupboard somewhere. As long as you’ve got your BTU calculations correct, you’re good to go!

Gone are the days of dull one-dimensional designs too, you can now get your hands on a heap of designer heated towel radiators ranging from classic traditional heating designs to statement modern towel rails, all bound to have your guests’ jaws on the floor.



Bathroom Radiators

Talking of modern innovation in bathroom heating, there’s no rule stating you must opt for heated towel rails in the bathroom. Why not select a stylish radiator instead?

Radiators of varying sizes are all great when tailored to specific bathroom designs. For example, if you have limited space around the walls but have a reasonable height, why not opt for an uber-popular vertical radiator? And if you’re on the other end of the spectrum when it comes to available space, we recommend an elegant low level radiator. For a more traditional look, column radiators offer some seriously impressive aesthetics that promise to add an extra sprinkle of pizzazz to your home too.

No matter the style of bathroom heating, Drench offer a variety of sizes and heat outputs so you’ll never be short of choices in the hunt for your dream bathroom heated towel rail or radiator.



Underfloor Heating

For the minimalists among us, bathroom underfloor heating is a wonder. This magnificent technology allows you to control the temperature of your bathroom without any protruding objects in the way, and thanks to its large surface area ensures that your room is evenly heated. What’s more, you get a swanky thermostat to help you control the temperature and make you feel extra fancy!

The perks of underfloor heating do come at a price though, if you’re thinking of fully re-modelling or are building a home then underfloor heating is easy to install before everything else goes in; however, if you’re just looking for a change in heating style, you will face the challenging task of installing your underfloor heating - it’s definitely worth it in the long run to avoid any clunky radiators though! Underfloor heating is also highly economical thanks to its large surface area; you won’t need to reach temperatures as high as a radiator or towel rail as the heated bathroom floor warms up and keeps the room at optimum temperature.

There we have it, your whistle-stop tour explaining the types of bathroom heating! We know the world of bathroom heating can be confusing, and we hope our guide has helped offer a little more clarity for you. As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions and our lovely team will be delighted to help.


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