Underfloor Heating

People often ask themselves: Is underfloor heating worth it? Here at Drench we certainly think so, as we know and have been told that nothing can beat that first pleasant step onto a warm floor on a cold winter's morning. As underfloor heating systems cover such a large surface area, the room is heated in a much more efficient manner, which in turn means there is more of an equal spread of heat in your room, compared to using a radiator.

Underfloor heating insulation will add a whole new layer of luxury to your home, along with creating a more relaxing and tranquil environment. One of the best aspects about installing an underfloor heating system is the fact that it’s low profile, hidden out of view and will do a fantastic job of insulating and heating your home. This means that you can do away with that bulky radiator which has been taking up space for years, as an underfloor heating system can be used as either a primary or a secondary source of heat.

In order to complete your low profile underfloor heating system, we have a number of programmable electric underfloor heating thermostats that are guaranteed to give you optimal control when it comes to heating your home.