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Electric Towel Rails

There is a long term stigma around electric heating options. People believe that electric is an expensive alternative to gas options. However with energy prices on the rise and many of us looking for method to keep our energy costs low, we urge you to reconsider the electric radiator. Investing in one of our top of the range electric heated towel rails could easily save you money in the long run.

Many of these products are thermostatic electric towel rails, meaning that they provide you with the freedom to pick an incredibly precise (within fractions of a degree) temperature that you are happy with and are incredibly accurate. An electric towel rail can also offer you a greater level of control within your bathroom. They allow you to set a different temperature to that of your central heating system, thus making these electric radiators very cost effective.

Electricity is a very green form of fuel and is becoming a key aspect to creating a carbon free environment. If you’re looking for an economically and environmentally friendly heating option, one of our designer electric towel rails is for you. With plenty of large and small electric towel rails for bathrooms of all sizes, you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect heated towel rail for you.

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