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Column Radiators

Column radiators are perfect for adding a traditional touch to your home. When designing a traditional bathroom, there are many factors and subtleties to consider. Choosing a traditional column radiator should be high on your list of priorities. Paying little attention to this area could jeopardise the whole look of your bathroom. An ugly or out of place radiator sticks out like a sore thumb.

Our range of column radiators includes a number of different styles, including heated towel warmers, traditional electric radiators and vertical radiators. There’s also a range of different finishes including classic chrome and white alongside modern takes on classic looks such as black and grey.

Our traditional radiators are all supplied from luxurious and experienced brands such as Arcade and Burlington, and are finished in long lasting materials such as polished chrome. In order to ensure that you purchase the perfect radiator for your bathroom, narrow down your search by using the fuel source, finish, width and height filters.

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