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Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tiling small bathrooms can be a tricky task, and it’s important to get the balance right between colours, textures and features. If you’re pondering over whether large or small tiles will look better in a limited space, we have all the advice here for small bathroom tiles ideas.


Big or Small Tiles?

The Best Colour Tiles for Small Bathrooms

Tile Finishes to Maximise Space

Feature Walls

Floor Tiles

Wall Tile Ideas

Big or Small? What Size Tiles Work Best in Petite Bathrooms

The best size tiles to use in small bathrooms are medium-large tiles, as they provide a clean, fresh effect without overwhelming the space. Larger tiles also mean less grout lines, which make them easier to clean than smaller tiles. Large tiles are also great for small bathrooms as they make your space look less cluttered, as intricate tiles may give a busy appearance. However, be wary that the tiles aren’t too big in case they need to be cut to size to fit the size of the bathroom!

The Best Colour Tiles When You’re Short on Space

The best tile colour for small bathrooms are whites, greys and beiges as these will create a neutral colour palette that will separate the walls from your bathroom furniture and other features. Bear in mind that most of your sanitaryware will be white, so going for tiles that are slightly off white or even grey will add a perfect colour contrast.

In order to make the most of your space we advise that you go for muted coloured tiles. If opting for a feature wall or floor, ensure that the colours and textures are balanced with the rest of your bathroom features and stick to just one wall, or half wall tiles. This will ensure that the key zones of your bathroom are separated, which will also make the space feel larger. Take a look at our small bathroom ideas for 2023 for some furniture and storage recommendations to help you make the most of you space.

Small Bathroom Tiles

Tile Finishes to Maximise Space

Many small bathrooms don’t have windows so it’s important to bear in mind that your bathroom may appear dark and shaded if you opt for darker tiles such as grey, purple and dark blue. Lighter coloured tiles will maximise space in your bathroom.

Bright, glossy tiles are recommended for tiny bathrooms as these will easily reflect any available light around the room, creating more vibrancy. Reflective surfaces are your best friend for small bathrooms, so opt for large mirrors, chrome showers and shower glass instead of a curtain, and your bathroom will look spacious and smart.

Make a Statement with a Feature Wall

Similar to half-wall tiles, feature tile walls are a great modern solution to adding character to your space without engulfing the space with bold bathroom tiles. Feature walls are a great way to add a touch of modern character and look particularly great behind walk in showers. 

Feature tile splashbacks also work well and can help you to incorporate patterns into your bathroom design if you’re not too sure about tiling the whole wall. Take a look at our blog on how to make the most of your bathroom tiles to discover more about the different types of tiles in detail. 

What are the Best Floor Tiles for a Small Bathroom?

The best floor tiles for small bathrooms also include large tiles with fewer grout lines, which will give the impression of a bigger expanse of space. If you’re going for neutral wall tiles, this could be an opportunity to experiment with patterned floor tiles. 

If you have a wet room, the best tiles for your flooring include non-slip options such as mosaic tiles and plywood. Small bathrooms are prone to higher levels of moisture as there’s less space between a shower or bath and walking space, so anti-slip flooring tiles are essential.

Wall Tile Ideas

It can be tricky knowing where to start with tiling a small bathroom as there are so many options out there. Here is some tile inspiration to get you started.

Half Wall-Tiles Maximise Space

If you’re wanting to get experimental in the bathroom but are wary of going over the top, half-wall tiles may be the perfect in-between! Small bathrooms greatly benefit from half-wall tiles, as this will give the appearance of a larger space Take a look at the example below for how this can look super flatting in a small bathroom.

Half Wall Bathroom Tiles

Metro Tiles for a Traditional Look

Originally made for use on the walls of the London Underground, metro or ‘subway’ tiles are a fab option for traditional bathrooms that require an understated style with a bit of edge. Try contrasting darker grout lines with white tiles to create a classic monochrome style.

Bathroom Metro Tiles

Herringbone Tiles for a Minimalist Style

For a ‘barely there’ look, herringbone tiles are a great choice for a more sleek, simple and contemporary bathroom design. These tiles come in a number of different colours and finishes, but you can’t beat a standard neutral tile with a glossy sheen to add more vibrancy to the room.

We hope these small bathroom tiles ideas have given you some inspiration to design your own bathroom exactly how you want it, no matter the size! For more inspiration, check out our bathroom colour ideas for plenty of inspiration to create your dream bathroom. 

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