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The 5 Bathroom Trends to Try In 2024 as Chosen by Our In House Designer

Keep reading to find out the hottest bathroom trends to try in 2024 according to our amazing bathroom design expert, Samantha Lawson. 

If you have your heart set on a beautiful new bathroom this year, we don’t blame you! To help you stay bang on trend at home, we asked one of our bathroom design experts here at Drench to share her predictions for some of the hottest trends for 2024 - and here’s her top 5. 

1. Coloured Brassware

Choosing basin & bath taps for your bathroom is no easy decision as the look of your taps can really change the overall aesthetic of your space. In fact, just changing up your brassware is a great way to get a bathroom refresh without breaking the bank. 

But what’s the best bathroom tap to go for in 2024? Well, Sam predicts there will be more interest in the warmth of  brushed bronze fittings this year. 

She says: “The elegant finish of brushed bronze looks equally special with either a black or white basin, giving you the option of either a contemporary or traditional look to your space.”

Prefer the brushed brass look for your taps?

Brushed brass still remains a hugely popular choice for Brits refurbishing their bathroom and Sam believes this finish will also be in high demand this year. 

She adds: "This finish offers a traditional and regal look to your space looking effortlessly expensive. And with so much choice when it comes to style, every bathroom can benefit from this look!"

While this type of coloured brassware looks set to reign in 2024, Sam predicts we might start to see a small decline in the demand for matt black, which has been one of the most popular tap finishes in recent years. 

Here's some of our favourites in this finish.

2. Texture 

If you feel like your bathroom is lacking in design then adding texture can really give it a lift. Weaving in dimension to your bathroom through clever features, patterns and accessories is a super modern and affordable way to get a new look. 

Sam agrees and predicts that there will be an uplift in customers looking for more texture in their bathroom, especially fluted bathroom ideas

She adds: “It’s easy to transform white spaces by adding attributes that create excitement. Fluted features are a perfect example of this. They elevate design and give a simple structure much more presence in the bathroom. We love how it can be adopted on shower glass, vanity units and even bathroom wall panels.”

3. Sustainability

Recognising our own impact on the environment is a responsibility we all have to bear. But it’s no easy task to figure out what we can be doing or the habits we can change day to day to make a difference. 

However, there are things we can do across the home and even in the bathroom which can go a long way and it’s common sense to explore these options as they become much more accessible and affordable to adopt.

Sam agrees: “Eco-friendly choices will remain at the heart of a lot of consumers' decision making, so ethically sourced and long-lasting, efficient materials will be popular."

But where do you start? Well, thankfully,  there's more eco-friendly bathroom switches than ever before, so with just the right know-how you can make better choices in the future.

Look out for bathroom products that feature the latest and most innovative technology or features as these will have been designed with sustainability in mind, meaning they will save water and be more energy efficient overall. 

Consider adding glass, metal, bamboo, cork and porcelain materials into your design as these are natural and more eco-friendly.

In fact, the choices we make for the toilet, bath, shower, flooring, walls, lighting and even your cleaning products can all have a positive impact on the environment. Check out our full guide on how to have an eco-friendly bathroom.

4. Spa-Wellness

There’s no denying our bathroom is an area to relax and unwind and where we go for a few moments of peace and tranquillity, so it makes sense to enjoy a spa-like atmosphere while we are there.

Sam adds: “Creating a space for wellness with more spa-like features will be even more popular in 2024. Achieving this through things like ambient lighting, soft and natural features and plenty of complementary greenery is really easy and will not only look great, it helps us to feel great too.”

Love the idea of creating the perfect spa-like bathroom in your home? Here’s some product ideas to help.

5. Scandi-Minimalism 

Sam also highlighted that minimalism and Scandinavian design are going to remain very big trends in 2024. She emphasises that clean lines and uncluttered simple designs are the first steps to getting this trend right in your bathroom. 

"Opt for a pale, minimalist and neutral colour palette and use bold accent colours such as black for vanity unit handles, mirror frames or your shower set," she adds. "You can add style with soft oak finishes, fluted panel designs and also ambient lighting with an illuminated mirror." 

See this amazing Scandinavian bathroom transformation from one of our customers.

You can benefit from Sam’s expertise by booking on to our 3D Bathroom Design Service. Here we work with you to create a visual representation of how your new bathroom will look! If you are not ready for a design just yet, you can also book in for a free consultation call for help and advice on getting the best out of your bathroom. 

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