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Can You Put a Freestanding Bath in a Small Bathroom?

Wondering if a freestanding bath will fit inside a small bathroom? Yes it can! Read on to find out all you need to know when considering a freestanding bath for your small space. 

If you’re redesigning your bathroom or just looking for an update then choosing a freestanding bath is an exciting way to go. This once traditional product has found its way into both modern and period bathroom designs of late and is a great way to add a sense of luxury and elegance. 

Working with a small space? If you have a small bathroom, you might have wondered if a freestanding bath will fit or look right. You will be pleased to know that it will look just as fabulous as in a larger bathroom. Great news! 

And the best bit is, you don’t have to compromise on precious space or blow your budget to do so. With the introduction of new materials, freestanding baths, which traditionally were made from expensive cast iron, are now much more affordable. 

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In this article we’ll explore this query in more detail looking at what you should consider when choosing a bath and also which freestanding baths we recommend for smaller spaces.

What is a freestanding bath?

A freestanding bath is a singular unit which is not fixed or fitted to the wall. As it is an individual element in your bathroom, it can be placed wherever you please (as long as you have accessibility to water pipes). 

The pipework goes through the floor and is much easier and subtle to install than you might think. Because of this versatility, you very often find freestanding baths in bedrooms as well as bathrooms. 

In any case, a freestanding bath in a bathroom creates wow factor and a real focal point. Add the right lighting and accessories and it can even give off the illusion of space. 

Ready to get one of these beautiful additions to your space? Let’s take a look at what needs to be considered before buying.

Colour can be deceptive when added to a small bathroom. It can draw the eye and give off an illusion of space.

Things to consider when choosing a freestanding bath

While it may seem like a simple decision to make, there are some things to consider before buying a freestanding bath, especially if you are going to be adding one to a small bathroom.


Depending on the area where you’re going to put the bath, make a note of your dimensions and always check with the bath you’re going for. 

Fitted baths generally follow standardised sizing ranging from 1700mm length for standard and 1400-1500mm for a small bath. You can also get a larger bath size up to 1800mm in length. 

But when it comes to a freestanding bath, because of their unique shape and design, you may find that the sizes are also individual to each product. You also need to consider allowing for the spread of the feet and extra space for freestanding bath taps too. 


Freestanding baths are a lot heavier than a normal bath which is why we would always recommend having your floorboards and joints checked where you want to position it. It may be that you need to reinforce the flooring in that area to ensure it is safe. A qualified plumber should be able to help with this.


And while you’ve got that plumber on hold, it’s also a good idea to check the locations of your plumbing and that it’s feasible to place the bath where you’re hoping for it to go. Chances are it’s going to be fine especially if your bath is going in a bathroom and not in another room in the home. 

But in some cases, you might need to make room for a waste pipe below floor level which can mean more work so adds to the cost. 

The shape  

And of course, how could we forget style. This is why you have chosen to look at freestanding baths in the first place I should think! The luxurious and eye-catching shapes, designs and intricate detailing that all feature on freestanding baths are perfect to add wow factor to your space. 

There are two main types of freestanding bath - Slipper and Roll Top. You can also get a semi-freestanding option where it fits back to the wall.  The shape and size of your bathroom will determine which style of freestanding bath is best for you.  

A Slipper bath can come single or double ended which generally affects the position of the waste. It is distinguished by the curved level shapes at each end which make it appear like a slipper. They are by design very deep which makes for a super relaxing soak and the curved edge provides added comfort. They normally come flush to the floor or on claw like feet.

A Roll Top bath is very similar to a Slipper but is generally characterised by having one curved edge higher than the other said to bring even greater comfort. 

Both are elegant in style and a real feature piece in the bathroom.

The finish 

You’ll certainly make a statement with a freestanding bath but if you’re keen to take your bathroom to the next level then you’ll want to have a look at the various finishes and colours available to you. 

Popular choices include metal finishes like copper and nickel or tin for authentic period styling. Stone and ceramic materials are also popular as are acrylic and cast iron baths which make it much easier to have the bath painted in your colour of choice!

Don’t forget to think about the feet too, there are claw or hook feet options to choose from or no feet at all! 

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Which baths are best for small spaces? 

Here’s a little checklist:

  • Remember to check the size of your space and that it correlates with your chosen bath
  • Allow additional space for feet if you are choosing that style and be sure there is enough space around the bath so that the edges do not rub against walls
  • Speak to a plumber to check the pipework and weight before purchasing 
  • Match the rest of your bathroom with the bath so that it integrates seamlessly and adds wow factor rather than looking overwhelming 
  • Experiment with colour if that suits your space, this can actually work well to deflect away from a small bathroom 
  • Be clever with storage around your bath such as alcove shelves and space-saving vanity units to avoid cluttering the space. 
  • Open out the walls and flooring around your bath using marble effect bathroom wall panels for example

Here’s our top three freestanding baths perfect for small spaces.

We hope you've found this article helpful when deciding on which freestanding bath is best for your bathroom. There are lots of truly fabulous designs, colours and shapes to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect fit for you. Take a look at our full freestanding bath range where you'll find handy filters on the left hand side to help you with size, style and finish choices. 

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