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How to Design a Grey Bathroom

You’ve probably heard it all before. Grey bathrooms being the design trend of 2017. But even though we are well and truly over halfway into the year, we’ve realised grey is here to stay.

Well, today we are going to massage some comfort into your soul. We are going to share with you some of our best bathroom design ideas. And have no fear. These are design layouts that will not go out of style anytime soon.

In addition to that, we are going to perform a little show and tell for you. Showcasing some beautifully designed rooms of pleasure, along with expert advice, tips and the main focus of today’s blog - how to design a grey bathroom.


Why Is Grey So Popular Right Now?

Let’s face it. Without social media access to interior design influencers, you wouldn’t be wondering why a grey bathroom is so damn popular.

That’s how trends are created. Through sharing design ideas. And it just so happens that most of us find the shades of grey to be very appealing.

So what is it about this colour shade, one that could arguably represent an incoming hurricane, which brings complete harmony to our bathroom experience?

We are all looking for an escape.

Whether it’s while you’re sitting on the royal throne, staring at the newly fitted grey slate bathroom tiles. Or caressing your toes between the soft thick fibres of your grey bathroom rugs. We all need that special calming place to get away from our modern day hectic lifestyles.


If you take a look at a lot of design ideas, they focus strongly on reproducing the essence of nature.

Alongside that, they have a transitioning palette selection of neutral colours that team up with Greenery effortlessly. One of those palette colours is Nimbus Cloud, a very pale shade of grey.


Can You Use Grey In Both Modern & Traditional Settings?

Yes, of course you can.

So how would you bring in the greys while maintaining a traditional setting? Let’s say you want to achieve a brick wall effect while making use of old school style taps. Simply coat your brick walls with a grey metallic finish. Then simply mount a wall mounted basin mixer.


The Best Ways To Add Grey To Your Bathroom

You don’t need a huge budget to remodel your bathroom to give it the grey stamp of approval. There are numerous imaginative ways to spruce up your outdated getaway space. Everything from a lick of grey paint to simply adding a few stylish grey bathroom accessories.

Time to look at a few inspiring grey bathroom ideas. Let’s bring at least one of the rooms in your home into the current century!


Grey Tiles

Large grey bathroom floor tiles, grey rectangle bathroom tiles or grey stone effect bathroom tiles. Just to name a few that you could enforce in your pampering room.

One of the best ways to bring that earthly presence to your bathroom is with grey tiling. How about using large grey tiles across the room to create a calm and serene effect?

If you decide to go ahead with grey tiles it’s important to try splashing some white in there or incorporating dark and light woods. This will balance out the aura and prevent your bathroom from looking a bit drab, especially in the winter months.

The design range for bathroom tiling is pretty much unlimited. You can opt for the industrial look with metallic tiles, or alternatively, if you want to keep it simple, how about some subtle pale grey bathroom tiles to give the room neutral contemporary style.



Grey Vanity Units / Bathroom Furniture

Out with the old, in with the new.

If you’re concerned about your current Ferrari red vanity unit clashing with your new grey marble tiles, why not replace it with a matching grey bathroom vanity unit?

Alternatively, be adventurous and have a complete bathroom overhaul.

Here’s an idea…

Design your room with small hints of grey in an otherwise all white or neutral coloured bathroom. A perfect example would be to have a grey gloss vanity unit paired with white metro tiles. Such a simple makeover that will give the room an instantly ultra-modern look.


Crosswater Svelte 60 Wall Hung Vanity Unit

The Svelte 60 is from our latest collection of vanity units. Its sophisticated design will undoubtedly make you feel like you need to be on the guest list to get through the door.

This curved grey bathroom vanity unit is fitted with handle-less double doors; secretly store your stash of expensive lotions and potions away from those pesky liberty-taking guests.

Grey Bathroom Cabinets / Storage

We know how most of the pleasure of designing a new bathroom comes from the initial hunt. Browsing through an extensive range of luxurious bathroom essentials, leaving you dehydrated from excessive drooling.

That’s why we’ve decided to fulfill your desires.

Check out our modern grey cabinets and storage units, exclusive to our wonderful collection of grey bathroom furniture.

Grey Bathtubs

Let’s not kid ourselves. We all love bath time. Even more so when the bathtub is overflowing with scented bubbles and a squeaky rubber ducky.

If the emphasis is on glorifying your bathroom with the latest grey scale effects, consider a grey freestanding bathtub for the ultimate in luxury.

Clearwater Balthazar ClearStone Roll Top Bath

Here we have a bathtub fit for a King and Queen. The outer shell is wrapped in stainless steel, which gives it a mirror illusion whilst reflecting the rest of your beautiful bathroom.

Its handcrafted from a wonderful material called ClearStone. This material has been derived from mixing up sedimentary stone, aluminium and titanium. The end result is a material that is extremely durable, non-toxic and friendly to the environment. Full marks there.

Nikki Black Freestanding Acrylic Bath

If you liked the Balthazar bath, you are going to fall in love with the Nikki Black freestanding bathtub.

It comes in 3 fabulous finishes. Black Rock, White and Copper Rock. The freestanding aspect allows you to position the unit anywhere in your bathroom. However, if you have a super small room, your options will probably be a little limited.

Grey Radiators

The bathroom air can get pretty nippy after you’ve been whiling away in your bath for the past 3 hours.

Not only can you find superbly designed grey radiators but other neutral colours to match your new bathroom set up.

Radiators have a way of grabbing your attention. If you choose to place an anthracite radiator in your bathroom you will definitely be one big step closer to creating a tranquil, contemporary paradise.

Grey Accessories

There’s no better way to add the finishing touches to your bathroom with a few stunning accessories.

So, what colour accessories for a grey bathroom?

Gedy are renowned for producing some of the most stylish bathroom accessories to complement any room design. We stock a wide range of their accessories that come with interesting grey stone finishes, such as Minerva, Aries and Stone.

If you would rather take on a two-tone appearance, you could always consider experimenting with black bathroom accessories.

Speaking of throwing in other colours for balance, let’s take a look at what colours go with grey in the bathroom.

Getting The Right Balance - What Colours Work With Grey? 

What better way to sum things up than by looking at colour palettes that work brilliantly with grey.

Perhaps the ideal way of deciding what colours work with grey, is to look at colours that don’t complement the soothing effects of grey.

Overwhelmingly bright and vibrant colours will surely drown out the subtle pale tone that you are looking to achieve. Although we all have our own quirky artistic minds, try refraining from dominating colours like flaming red and juicy orange unless they are used frugally.

Whites work well to intensify the lightness of the bathroom. So don’t worry if you’re not ready to change your white ceramic basin.

As we have established earlier, black is the perfect contrasting colour option. You could go for an alternating tiling sequence, or perhaps introduce an all-black furniture line up to go with the grey walls.

Marble features work well with a grey bathroom. They most definitely add a touch of class. And yes, they are also lovely to touch. So how about investing in a lovely grey marble worktop?

Fifty shades of grey.

It is not necessary to pick out a variety of colours to get your desired multi coloured look. How about considering using a range of different shades of grey? A light grey wall cabinet, for instance, would go well with slightly darker grey stone wall tiles.


To see more grey bathroom products and grey bathroom inspiration, click here for our handpicked collections page.

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