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How to Design a Grey Bathroom

Grey bathrooms are popular in many UK homes as it’s such a versatile, neutral colour that complements plenty of different bathroom schemes. This article explores the best grey bathroom ideas including the perfect furniture, accessories and tiles to create the look.

The Best Ways To Add Grey To Your Bathroom

You don’t need a huge budget to remodel your bathroom to give it the grey stamp of approval. There are numerous ways to spruce up your space, from a lick of grey paint, to a few small grey bathroom accessories. Let’s look at a few inspiring grey bathroom ideas.

Grey Tiles

One of the easiest ways to bring grey into your bathroom is through floor and wall tiles. These colour tiles are a great idea as they provide a blank canvas to build upon with other colours and textures. Large grey bathroom floor tiles, grey rectangle bathroom tiles or grey stone effect bathroom tiles are great tile options that won’t date over time. Grey tiles offer an industrial, earthly edge to your bathroom, connecting it to the natural elements.

For a more stand-out design, opt for abstract or patterned floor tiles to give another dimension to your bathroom, such as the example below.

Grey Tiles

Grey Bathroom Furniture

Here at Drench, we have a great selection of grey bathroom furniture including modern vanity units, storage cabinets and WC units, so you can incorporate this colour into your scheme any way you fancy. Bolder bathroom designs may favour dark anthracite units whereas Scandinavian and natural bathrooms would benefit from light grey tones.

Here are some of our top picks:

Scandinavian Bathrooms

Pale shades of grey paired with light woods will create that classic Scandinavian look that many people strive for in their bathrooms. The key to a Scandinavian bathroom is to focus on the essentials and opt for clean lines and natural materials, this way you'll achieve a fresh and bright aesthetic. Grey is a popular choice for floor and wall colours as well as furniture as it's versatile, neutral and easy to build upon.

Scandinavian Grey Bathroom

Grey Bathroom Accessories

The accessories in a bathroom shouldn't solely but functional, but stylish too. With the popularity of Kim Kardashian’s range of SKKN bathroom accessories, many people are favouring minimalist, neutral greys when selecting accessories such as soap dispensers, toilet roll holders and tumblers. Here at Drench, we have a range of Gedy products that fit the bill of a cost-effective alternative to the viral SKKN accessories.

Grey Radiators

We have a selection of grey and anthracite radiators and heated towel rails to complete your grey bathroom look. From ladder towel rails to modern vertical radiators and traditional floorstanding towel rails, there's an option or every space and style. It's a great idea to pair a dark grey radiator with a lighter wall colour such as pink, white or a pale grey to ensure the radiator stands out and makes a statement.

Grey Radiator

What Colours Work With Grey? 

Pink + Grey

For a great contrast, pair dark grey with blush pink to add a fresh pop of colour and a touch of vibrancy into your bathroom. Pink is a playful, inviting colour and can be given some depth with grey tones which makes for an unlikely match. We have a selection of pink bathroom furniture that can pair really nicely with grey walls and floors. 

Grey + White

If you decide to go ahead with grey tiles or paint, it’s important to try splashing in some white to balance out the tones and prevent your bathroom from looking too dark, especially in the winter months. Marble tiles aren't as popular as they used to be in many UK bathrooms but it can also pair well with grey furniture and assets and create a spin on the classic monochrome look.

Marble Grey Bathroom

Black + Grey 

Matt black can also complement grey tones super well, creating the perfect dark, moody bathroom look. Grey walls and furniture matched with matt black hardware such as showers and taps is a classic pairing and will make your bathroom feel more deluxe and dramatic if you're looking to go bold with your grey bathroom design.

What to Avoid

Steer clear of bright warm colours such as yellow and orange in your grey bathroom and stick to cool blues, neutrals and white to achieve a natural bathroom look. Adding in too many colours next to tones of grey can make your bathroom appear busy and uninviting, which is the opposite of what a relaxing sanctuary should be!

That sums up our grey bathroom ideas! Check out our blog for more design inspiration and discover the top small bathroom trends for 2023 to find out how you can upgrade your bathroom on a budget.

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