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Dark Bathroom Ideas

Dark bathrooms ooze class and luxury, and are a popular design trend for 2021. Deeper tones such as navy and forest green are a popular alternative to brightly coloured bathrooms and offer a more deluxe feel and dramatic aesthetic. Here is our guide for all things to include when designing a dark bathroom.

Are Dark Bathrooms a Good Idea?

To make a dark bathroom work, we recommend going for a mixture of darker assets paired with lighter colours and sanitaryware to provide the perfect balance.  Dark bathrooms work well in spaces that have at least some natural light, to prevent shadowed areas taking over the room, and to ensure it doesn't appear too gloomy.

9 Dark Bathroom Ideas

Dark bathrooms don't have to be difficult to style! We have 9 top tips to help you create the perfect bathroom design to ensure your bathroom makes a statement.

1. Dark Green Bathrooms

Green symbolises growth and nature and is an on trend paint colour for this year. Dark and forest greens look great as a tiled feature wall as well as block colour, and complement wooden assets well. Green can also be incorporated into your bathroom with the use of plants - some great bathroom plants include snake and dragon plants.

Dark Green Bathroom

2. Black Taps

Matt black is a popular finish for bathroom taps for those wanting to create something a little bit different. Monochrome bathrooms typically feature black assets tied in with white tiles and black framed shower enclosures. Matt black is a luxurious finish and will make a statement in any bathroom it's placed in!

3. Art Deco Theme

Art deco style is up and coming in the world of bathroom interior design, and usually features deep tones and textures. If you’re looking to create a dark bathroom design, then look no further than an art deco theme, fit with black & gold assets, dark purples and gold frames.

Dark Purple Bathroom

4. Brushed Brass Assets

Dark wall colours suit brushed brass and gold assets perfectly. Brass faucets will help to give your bathroom a vintage look and are ideal for traditional schemes, as they give an antique feel to the space. Dark blues & greens paired with brass scream luxury and create the perfect finishing touch to your dark bathroom.

Brushed Brass Basin Tap

5. Dark Blue Bathrooms

Dark blue tiles will make a statement in your bathroom and add character to your space. Pair blue with brushed brass taps and white sanitaryware to add a contrast & bring your bathroom to life. Meg, our Interior Designer here at Drench says “blue is a popular colour for bathrooms as it gives feelings of relaxation and calm. Dark blue is a great colour to create a dramatic and luxurious aesthetic and will really pack a punch in your bathroom design.”

Dark Blue Bathroom

6. Wooden Furniture 

Dark woods such as chestnut give the perfect dark aesthetic to your bathroom. Vanity units in a dark grey or chestnut finish will not only create a statement, but contrast perfectly against lighter colours. Here at Drench, we have an extensive selection of vanity units in a range of finishes, from wall mounted, to floorstanding and countertop units.

7. Black Baths

If you want a bathroom that stands out from the crowd, look no further than a black freestanding bath. Charlotte Edwards have a range of high end baths that have an exquisite, modern design and are certainly not for the faint hearted! Made for fashion-conscious lovers of the trends in interior design, black baths are the ultimate bathroom focal point.

Black Bath

8. Black Accessories

The finishing touches really make a bathroom design complete! Bathroom accessories such as towel rings, toilet roll holders and  heated towel rails can be customised to fit the scheme of your bathroom. Matt black adds a modern touch to a bathroom design and a dark elegance that you wouldn’t attain from chrome fittings.

Monochrome Bathroom

9. Shades of Grey

Grey has become a very popular colour choice for all around the home. The best way to add grey to your bathroom is through tiles and paint colours, and there are hundreds of shades of grey, from darker more striking tones, to lighter, neutral shades. For a classic dark bathroom, an ash grey will provide depth and character and create an earthy look. 

Dark Grey Bathroom

So there you have it, our top tips for creating a dark, mysterious bathroom. Take a look at our Pinterest board for more dark bathroom ideas, from some of our most loved products, to further inspiration if you're looking to go over to the dark side!

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