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A Short Guide to Small Baths

Bathrooms come in all shapes and size and British bathrooms are renowned for their compact and unusual layouts. If you think that you may not be able to squeeze a bath into your bathroom, think again.

Here at Drench, we offer a range of small baths that are ideal for squeezing into tight spaces. Many UK bathrooms are narrow or awkwardly shaped, so we have a range of small baths from as little as 1500mm to 100mm that will fit in the smallest of spaces and won't take up too much floor space. 

Even if your home is fortunate enough to have a larger bathroom, a small bath can still look great and allow for more space for a shower, storage units and accessories . Here are some of our bestsellers:

Shower Baths

Some people prefer to shower as it’s quicker and more convenient than having a bath, although a bathroom can appear empty and less functional without the presence of a bath.  This is where shower baths come in! These give you the best of both worlds and are perfect for family bathrooms where you may need to bathe small children.

Small Bath

We stock a leading range of P-shaped baths which have a curve-fronted end for added shower space, as well as L-shaped baths which have a squared-off end. 

We offer a selection of smaller baths in acrylic and steel options which are available in many different styles and designs including single ended, double ended and freestanding. Whether your bathroom is traditional or more modern in style, you'll be sure to find a great option. Check out our guide exploring the best showers for small bathrooms for more interior inspiration.

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