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A Short Guide to Small Baths

Bathrooms come in all shapes and size and British bathrooms are renowned for their compact and unusual layouts. If you think that you may not be able to squeeze a bath into your bathroom, think again.

Drench offer a range of small baths ideal for squeezing into tighter spaces. Small baths allow you to relax and unwind at the end of a long day without compromising too much on floor space. There are a few reasons why investing in a small bath can be a sound investment. A big selling point for small baths that is often not taken into consideration, is that they also save space in larger bathrooms.

Yes that’s right, even if your home is fortunate enough to have a larger bathroom, a small bath could be the space saving solution you require. Small baths are a great way of adding a focal point or for where you would like to reserve space for features such as a shower or bathroom furniture.




Some people prefer to shower as it’s quicker and more convenient than having a bath, although a bathroom can appear empty and less functional without the presence of a bath. The appearance of a bath even if compact in size can be a necessity for some, for example those who have young children who will need to be bathed.

Drench offer a range of smaller baths in acrylic and steel options in lengths from as little as 1500mm to 1600mm, available in many different styles and designs including single ended, double ended and freestanding, in both traditional and more contemporary styles. If your bathroom is really lacking in space, there are also baths available measuring only 1400mm in length. Shop online now for small baths.

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