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Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are a new concept within the world of bathrooms, but they've certainly been in the pipeline for a long time coming. Whilst they may look almost identical to a normal toilet from the outside, it's most definitely what's on the inside that counts. Take away the traditional 'inner-rim' and you're left with a toilet that's easier to clean and therefore significantly more hygienic for your home, than toilets of old. 

The unique flushing system that rimless toilets use, whereby water is directly flushed around the pan, provides a powerful yet economical clean that will help to save on those pounds and pennies and leave your toilet bowl gleaming. Check out our rimless toilets guide for all the details.

With a selection of wall-hung rimless toilets, close-coupled rimless toilets and modern and traditional styles, browse our collection below to find out if a rimless toilet is the right choice for your bathroom.

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