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  • 10 of Our Favourite Bathroom Taps Under £200

    Bathroom taps are one of the most important items in our homes, so why settle for anything less than the best even if you're struggling with a lower budget? We're put together a plethora of some of our favourite beautiful bathroom taps all available for under £200 so your home can look stunning without breaking the bank.
  • The Complete Guide to Shower Enclosures: Choosing the Right Type of Shower for You

    The shower enclosure is often the crowning piece of the home bathroom. But there are so many to choose from! Join us on an in-depth journey through the wonderful shower designs stocked by Drench, and make an informed decision on the perfect new shower enclosure for you and your family.
  • Our Best Cloakroom and Small Bathroom Storage

    A smaller bathroom or cloakroom doesn't necessarily have to mean a small amount of storage. We understand the struggles of keeping those essentials neatly stored when you have very little space, so why not take a look at some of our best cloakroom and small bathroom storage to give you a helping hand with organisation?
  • How to Descale and Clean a Tap Cartridge

    If you're unsure on the specifics of how to descale and clean your tap cartridge, look no further than this handy guide. You're bound to be an expert on cleaning tap cartridges at the end of this article so knuckle down and get ready for some super useful knowledge!
  • 5 Stunning Anthracite Radiators for Under £250

    The struggle for a budget modern radiator is over now with this list of beautiful anthracite radiators for under £250. Because who said luxury, stylish radiators can't be affordable too?
  • Featured Brand: Harbour

    Delve into the world of Harbour, one of our favourite brands when it comes to all things vanity units, sanitaryware, tapware, and so much more! If you're looking for a little slice of contemporary luxury to add to your bathroom, Harbour products are the perfect fit. Take a look at some of our favourites from the stunning Harbour range.
  • Cramer: Our Favourite Bathroom Cleaning Products

    There is an incredible amount of choice when it comes to bathroom cleaning products. Let us make it easy for you: pick the very best and go for Cramer. Dive into this product-based blog where we share with you the various products that make Cramer our favourite bathroom cleaning brand.
  • Balancing Radiators: The Ultimate Guide

    There is never a bad time to balance your home radiators – it’s how you ensure your radiators are performing at their best and that your boiler is dispersing heated water throughout your home evenly. Join the Drench experts today as we take you through this simple yet invaluable DIY skill.
  • 6 of Our Best January Sale Deals

    The New Year is upon us and at Drench that means one thing: our massive January bathroom sale! This is the time for you to discover thousands of the world’s best home bathroom products at even more incredible prices than usual. Join us as we share six of our favourites…
  • Timeless Bathroom Trends

    Some bathroom trends come and go – others remain forever to be enjoyed by designers over endless generations. From monochrome magnificence to industrial ingenuity, join the Drench team on a tour through the world’s best timeless bathroom trends and check out the products to create your ideal bathroom style.
  • Explained: The Rise of the Bath-less Bathroom

    Join us today to learn everything there is to know about bathless bathrooms. Why are baths becoming less commonplace? Why have times changed? We explore the reasons behind this pressing mystery as well as share with you the Drench team’s selection of favourite shower items.
  • Preparing Your Home for Christmas

    Preparing your home for Christmas can be overwhelming when you're not sure where to start. We've compiled a handy list of our top tips for festive preparations, both practical and style based. If you're feeling a little lost within a sea of ideas this year, why not start here? After all, Christmas is all about relaxing!
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